Would any readers intending to make a donation to MadPriest's ministry this month please do so before the Rapture next Saturday. I doubt that it will effect many of my readers but you never know and I'd hate to be hard up next month just because some of you decided to bugger off to paradise without sorting out your finances first.

I can't promise anything but borderline cases might increase their chances of being beamed up if they were to be extra charitable during the next five days. OCICBW... is pleased to be able to offer you the following opportunity to do just that.

Another way to help Jonathan is to buy Amazon products via his Amazon shop. Details of how to do this can be found on the right hand sidebar.


BLOG NOTICE 16TH. MAY 2011 — 17 Comments

  1. I’m graduating from seminary on Saturday (which means I have no money), but I’m very happy that Jesus is coming to my graduation. I hope he brings a gift.

  2. Is it a morning or afternoon graduation, Maureen?

    If it’s after lunch I suggest you seriously consider whether or not it’s worth hiring the gown or buying the hood.

  3. I actually blogged about this idiot bunch this week. I wanted to get what I think published before I get raptured.


  4. before I get raptured


    Your long-suffering wife, maybe. But my money is on you still commenting at OCICBW… on Sunday morning. But don’t worry – it’s not like you are going to be alone.

  5. Betcha the OCICBW clan will get raptured long before those who expect to be will. Godde does have a sense of humor that too many of her followers seem to lack.

  6. KJ, have you hired a house/Wiener-sitter yet? [I’m available, love the Great NorthWet, and am just an I-5 away! (Payable in advance)]

  7. JCF, I take GREAT offense at your suggestion that The Mini Wiener won’t be caught up with me! She’s precious!

  8. Since only a few more days remain, I am extremely busy consuming all the remaining bottles of wine on my wine rack. I would not want to be unprepared for the rapture.

  9. Of course not. I’ll still need it as I’m not going anywhere. And I’m pretty certain that with your history of lecherous comments you’ll be remaining downstairs as well, David 🙂

  10. KJ, I have no doubt the Returning Lord Christ will be especially merciful to your Mini-Wiener…

    …I’m just offering to look after the dog!


  11. I think you would be too rough a type for MW, JCF. I see you more as a pit bull type.

    Now that nice lady, Skittles, would know how to treat a little dog of refinement.

  12. Well, if we didn’t know it already, clearly JCF has Saturday open.

    Mia The Mini-Wiener is so sweet, it makes one’s heart ache.

  13. The Mini-Wiener is so sweet, it makes one’s heart ache.


    That’s one little dog that’s fallen on it’s paws.