"Overall, the proposed legislation is of shocking severity and I can't see how it could be supported by any Anglican who is committed to what the Communion has said in recent decades. Apart from invoking the death penalty, it makes pastoral care impossible – it seeks to turn pastors into informers." (Tuesday 10th. May 2011)




So, the evil, homophobic, genocidal legislation being pushed through the Ugandan parliament at the moment is a "curate's egg" to Rowan Williams. Obviously, if it is "overall" shocking, there are parts of it that he likes. And the use of the word "severity" indicates that he would go for lesser persecution and punishment of gay people in Uganda.

The man is doggie-paddling in a cesspit of homophobic diarrhoea that has proceeded forth out of his own bowels.



  1. By the way, let me see if I have this straight (no pun intended)…

    Americans seem to want to take gay people and do things like ordain them and treat them with dignity and recognize their gifts.

    Ugandans want to take gay people and kill them.

    Says a lot, if you ask me….

  2. My favorite? “Apart from the death penalty, it makes pastors informants.”


    I mean, the death penalty is bad and all, but INFORMANTS?

  3. Worse, Rowan Williams is actually dangerous with his chronic codependent avoiding of reality and truth! Millions of LGBTI Anglicans are in harms way as this fellow considers the in´s and out´s of standing up for ALL of mankind by favoring a opportunity for ¨service¨ by ALL Anglicans at ALL levels of Churchlife–+Rowans the one who ought become a ¨flying bishop¨ and fly far away from Lambeth Palace as he is feckless and dangerous in the ¨doing¨ and ¨not doing.¨

  4. Apart from that, Mrs. Kennedy, how did you like the trip to Dallas?

    Setting aside the horrors of the death camps, the Germans seemed to operate with admirable efficiency during World War II.

    Apart from their becoming children of hell (Matthew 23:15), we were pleased by the number of converts.

  5. And GAFCON is opening a London office anyway. (Chickens, roost)

    I’m actually missing Lord Carey. He just came right out and clearly SAID he hated us! No deciphering necessary…

  6. Apparently Martyn-with-a-y- Minns is going to be running that new GAFCON office in London.

    Does that mean he’s returning to England? For good?

  7. “Overall, Rowan is an utter failure, apart from the fact that he is an arrogant twit.”

    Can you imagine how embarrassed his Mother must be?

  8. If you follow the links, the line is a quote from an interview he gave in 2009 (to the Telegraph). It’s one bit of an obviously longer conversation. It could well be read as Rowan having detailed at length all the reasons why the Ugandan Bill was a very bad thing, ending with “Overall …”. It also may not have been the best choice of words on mature reflection, but few of us are able to speak in ways that we would write polished position statements.

    It seems to me that you’re giving this the worst possible interpretation you can find.

    Yes, I wish Rowan would be harder on those who want the death penalty for the likes of me. I think some of his leadership in this area has been disastrous. But I don’t think you’re being fair to him here.

  9. Chloe,

    It is not only fair, it is perhaps too fair. This idiot kills people with his waffling institutionalism.


  10. OK, MP, feeling like I’m hallucinating again…didn’t I have a comment posted? Wasn’t there more to this comment thread? I think I’m losing it…

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    Whatever, I promise I haven’t removed anything.

  12. The Blogger issues seem to have been mostly focused on the comments sections. So anything is not only possible but likely.


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    It seems I picked the right time to take a holiday from blogging. I posted nothing, so I lost nothing.

  14. And this tw*t lectures us about Osama’s “unfair and illegal” death?

  15. KJ, thats so funny!

    “The trip to Dallas was, overall, not what I would call a success, no. I think, for one thing, they dealt far too severely with my husband.”

  16. Yes, Elizabeth had a blog post I read last night about Blogger causing things to disappear. I remember reading somewhere that when things go away you hope the person will just shrug their shoulders etc. That I did, but also felt like I was losing it – my usual state these days. 🙂

  17. I wouldn’t worry, Larry. I’m not exactly paying much attention to the comments at the moment. You can say what you like. What’s it matter anyway?