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I'm back for more prayers. They diagnosed me (via the 2nd mammogram, and ultrasound) w/ "calcification", and want to biopsy me. Damn.


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I have only just learned that my Aunt Ronnie died on March 26th. On top of that, her son Robert died on June 24, 2009, and I didn't know it, and his wife, Marie pre-deceased him on September 26, 2006. How did my side of the family drop off the radar of Aunt Ronnie's side of the family so that we knew nothing about the deaths of people with whom we had been so close when we were kids and young adults?


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Ammar Qurabi, the head of the National Organisation for Human Rights in Syria, said on Tuesday that his group had documented about 1,000 names of people who were detained across Syrian provinces in door-to-door raids since Saturday. He said many other people had been reported missing.



Posted by Graham at DIGGING A LOT:

I’ve blogged before on a family friend who had a tragic accident over 6 months ago. For several weeks her life hung in the balance. Then there was hope. Her prognosis remains uncertain but each day brings progress. She is able to come home at weekends. There is some speech but greater comprehension. There is the ability to sit up unaided. There is the ability to eat and lots more things that were taken for granted a year ago but seemed doubtful only weeks ago.

We saw her a few days back. There is something more: love incredible love. Her parents are realistic about where she is at but at the same time see only Grace. Seeing her made us incredibly happy and gave us hope. It is good to have a friend back.


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Hamas officials said Monday that the Islamist militant group would honor an unofficial truce with Israel after forming a new unity government with Palestinian rivals from the West Bank.


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THE PRAYER LIST – 3RD. MAY 2011 — 8 Comments

  1. Thanks for the prayers.

    I still think I’m probably fine (w/ just “signs of AGEING” as someone crazy-@rsed said).

    Prayers ascending for all in need…

  2. Undercover Nun comes with wonderful news, for which she gives GREAT thanks and praise to God!

    My short-term disability period began on August 5, 2010, and continues today. The claim was originally denied, because my doctor’s report didn’t include evidence of a disability. (That’s what happens when someone at the doc’s office neglects to fill in all the places that say EXPLAIN, followed by 5 or 6 lines.)

    Naturally, I appealed the denial, providing a whole truckload of evidence of disability. And this evening, six weeks after Aetna’s appeals department called to let me know they were beginning the adjudication process on my appeal, I got a phone call from them.

    The denial was overturned! Aetna will now pay me for the 6 weeks I did not work at all, and for all the part-time weeks up through 11/3. This will help us get our utility bills current, get less behind on our car payments, make a dent in child support payments I haven’t been able to make, and make a dent in the income taxes we owe.

    The next step is to ensure that they properly handle the transition to long-term disability, but I’m not worrying about that tonight. Tonight I give God thanks and praise!

    My thanks and praise go also to everyone in this wonderfully loving community. As Jesus said to his disciples in the 32nd chapter of Matthew’s gospel: “Verily I say unto thee, thou rocketh!”

  3. Happy for you, UN.

    Coordinate your prayers for Monday, 5/16. That’s when they stick me, and I find out just what this calcification stuff’s about…