It's being reported that the cartwheeling verger of Westminster Abbey has been well and truly told of and ordered not to speak to the press.

I don't know which is most embarrassing - belonging to a church that is so stuck up and miserable it naturally censors such acts of happiness or belonging to a church whose leaders are so stupid they would counteract all the good publicity that had just garnered among the British public during the royal wedding by grumpily telling off a public hero instead of capitalising on it by hailing the joyous employee as the face of modern Anglicanism.

If Jesus Christ had risen from the dead in Westminster Abbey I have a sneakin' suspicion they would have told him to STFU and remember his place as just a carpenter.



  1. Yeh, Saintly Ramblings, I don’t recommend it. The powers that be are only made all the more stuffy when they find the rest of the world supports the person who has been told off and are likely to take it out on said person. Sorry, Bishop, this is just the truth. Heirarchs are human and as such, flawed.

    wv: resca
    The resca of the verger was frowned upon by his superiors.

  2. What???? Are you serious????

    Good grief. Good, good grief.

    (Just when I was feeling pretty good again about being Anglican…. Sheesh.)

  3. Saintly, I didn’t say don’t do it; I only said I wouldn’t recommend it, since the flack falls on the person the people are defending. And now I shall shut up.

  4. One of my co-workers (I live in the USA) told me that the Royal Wedding service was nice although longer than she was used to but she knew that it would be since it was a Catholic service. HUH??

    So typical that that the verger got in trouble…let’s not show any joy now!
    Kay Guest

  5. Turn every fun occasion into one of solemnity. Gee! Sounds like an Asian female’s upbringing. Is this why I became an Anglican? Off to the couch.

  6. I heard that, how utterly stupid! Here’s hoping the higher ups of the higher ups call the first higher ups on the carpet and tell them how to respond to the press. Grrr. Or maybe force them to do cartwheels. That would be even better.

  7. Don’t forget that the Abbey is not a parish church in the Diocese of London, but a Royal Particular, and under no episcopal authority. So the verger answers to the Dean and to the Queen.

    I think that it is bloody obvious that the Queen likes to approach most that has to do with the Church, in great sobriety. I am sure that the liturgy was drawn from the rather stuffy Series 1 wedding service, which is from the English 1928 proposed BCP, which is a revision of the 1662 service, was an accommodation her Britannic Her Majesty. I doubt that she would be amused that a verger turning cartwheels in the center aisle, immediately after her grandson’s wedding, was caught on camera and has gone viral on the internet. I am sure that the rest of the family, from the happy couple down, were jazzed about it.

    Accept perhaps the frowning flowergirl, who has also gone viral!

  8. I think the word Dahveed is solemnity. I have it on good authority that the Queen is a very faithful Christian who will therefore take liturgy seriously.
    She is, though, also known to have a good sense of humour so may be happy enough at the cartwheeling verger.

  9. Oh, for certain, if the verger had been so crass as to cartwheel during the service, the English in the crowd would have lynched him on the spot. But we do highly value eccentricity when it is appropriate and the Abbey bosses have completed misjudged the public if they think the apres-liturgy antics of the verger would offend anyone, including the Queen (God bless Her Majesty).

  10. I suspect the Church insurance Co has already sent out an e-mail about this sort of thing.

    I am also a bit worried that the Verger’s Guild will all sign up for Cheer Camp this summer.