Two bits of such excellent news that I thought our thanksgivings should come first today.


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This nutter has asked me to marry him, and I said 'yes'...

Can't tell you how happy I am about it!


Posted by Fr. David Cloake at

By the time that I publish this post, four or five announcements will have been made, all of the same substance.  In simple terms, I have been appointed as Vicar of the Parish of Ss. Philip & James in Whitton, Twickenham.



From BooCat:

Prayers please for the thousands of people without homes or, in some cases, who have absolutely nothing left whatsoever, in the wake of the killer tornados that blew through the U.S. Southeast this past week. My Internet signal has just now been restored or I would have written sooner. I live west of the Warrior River. Tuscaloosa, Alabama, or what is left of it is on the east bank. The tornado left six miles of devastation almost a mile wide as it touched down. The University of Alabama campus was spared, for the most part. Other neighborhoods were not so lucky. Many of them were wiped off of the face of the earth. Thirty to fifty are known dead in Tuscaloosa and several hundred are missing. We were not the only city to be hit or even the only state, although Alabama seems to have gotten the worst of it, and Tuscaloosa the worst of Alabama. There were fatalities in Louisiana, Mississippi, Tennessee, Georgia, the Carolinas and all the way up to Virginia--not too far from Washington, D.C. Hundreds of people lost their lives in this awful storm front. If it has been reported already, please forgive this disjointed ramble. I have just come back on-line and am trying to catch up for the several days I lost.


The National Trust says gorse fires in the Mourne Mountains in County Down will cause "immense damage" as blazes continue around the UK. Firefighters in Lancashire are tackling three separate moorland fires near Belmont, Bacup and Ormskirk. The bank holiday weekend has also seen fire crews being called into action in the Scottish Highlands and in parts of Wales. The recent dry weather has been blamed for the spread of the fires.


Posted by J. Michael Povey at POVEY PRATTLE:

A friend and former colleague phoned today to let me know that Philip Foster Desch had passed from this life at aged 90. Phil was a member of St. Stephen’s Parish in Pittsfield, MA. I can say, with no reservations, that he was beloved by all.



My friend, fellow artist, guitarist, and studio mate, Robert Grant suffered a stroke on April 15th. I found out about it yesterday. He is learning how to speak and use his right hand all over again. Please remember him and his wife Eileen in your thoughts and prayers.



On the first day of the Taliban's self-declared spring offensive, insurgents attacked in two Afghan provinces, killing more than half a dozen people, including a district council leader, and wounding another 20, officials said.

Early Sunday, a 12-year-old suicide bomber struck at a bazaar in the Barmal district of eastern Paktika province, killing four people, including a woman and the chairman of the district council, Shir Nawaz Khan. A dozen people were wounded. Later, in southwestern Ghazni province, a bicycle loaded with explosives detonated in Ghazni city's Mustofyet square, killing two police officers and wounding a bystander.



An agreement to end Yemen’s political crisis appeared to be crumbling Sunday, as talks bogged down yet again between the country’s mutually suspicious political factions and a signing ceremony for the deal was postponed indefinitely.


The authorities in Syria on Monday set a deadline of 15 days for people who had committed "unlawful acts" to give themselves up, as a wave of arrests was reported across the country. The ultimatum came as activists planned fresh anti-government demonstrations following the deaths of dozens of people in weekend protests.


Police in Maldives have used tear gas and batons to break up an anti-government protest in the island country's capital Male, reportedly injuring dozens of activists.



Riots have swept across Ugandan's capital, Kampala, in the biggest anti-government protest in sub-Saharan Africa so far this year. Security forces have launched a brutal crackdown, firing at unarmed civilians with live rounds, rubber bullets and teargas. Two people have been killed, more than 120 wounded and around 360 arrested. Women and girls have been among those beaten, according to witnesses.


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  1. More prayers.

    Ack, Lesley, you have escaped my lustful clutches. Drat all! [And Mazel Tov. ;-)]

  2. And commending the soul of Osama Bin Laden to God (the Compassionate, the Merciful).

  3. Don’t give up all hope, JCF. Give the happy couple a few years for the romance to cool off and then try again. You’re not going anywhere and patience is one of your most obvious virtues.

  4. The only way that mass murdering, cowardly psychopath is going to avoid eternal damnation is if the atheists are right.

  5. (Assuming the atheists are wrong :-p) I’m back for more prayers.

    They diagnosed me (via the 2nd mammogram, and ultrasound) w/ “calcification”, and want to biopsy me. Damn.

  6. They want to do a biopsy based on evidence of calcification? This is the sort of over reaction that happens when surgeons earn more money the more patients they cut open.

    I will pray most fervently for you, JCF. But my money is on SIGN OF AGEING, and nothing more than that.

  7. Thanks for the prayers.

    “But my money is on SIGN OF AGEING”


    (I know that wasn’t very manly, but since it’s my grrl-parts they’re poking about in…)