This is just a selection of singles and odd tracks that I have purchased recently which don't fall into the soul or reggae categories. It's a mixed bag of styles, you should all come across something you like unless your musical taste is restricted to classical music. I must say that I'm particularly pleased with how I have mixed the tracks together on this one.

Jamie - Akira the Don WEBSITE
Human - The Exploding Boy WEBSITE
Dolly - Parton Yuko WEBSITE
La Chica Vampira - Papa Topo WEBSITE
Holy Saturday, Gloomy Sunday - Tigers That Talked
Download this tune for free from the band's  WEBSITE
Rising Sun Blues - Clarence Ashley (photo above) WEBSITE
Louisiana - Afferent Cue WEBSITE
Johnny Are You Gay? - The Hillbilly Moon Explosion WEBSITE
(Just Like) Romeo And Juliet - Scott Kempner WEBSITE
Mud Bogs and Beer - Austin Boggs WEBSITE
50 Ways to Leave Your Lover - Tasneem (photo above) WEBSITE
Eat People - Two Tears WEBSITE
Hedonist - Australian Blonde WEBSITE
On The Ground Where John Wesley Walked - The Band Of Holy Joy WEBSITE
Down In The Park - Loka Nunda WEBSITE


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