If you have not already read about the recent horrific attack on Chrissy Lee Polis, a transgender woman, at a McDonalds restaurant in Baltimore, go read "I Am NOT Lovin' It" at SCG's WAKE UP AND LIVE blog.

But I warn you, I viewed the video last week, over at Kelli's place, and I found it so distressing that I decided not to post it here. I now think that was a mistake on my part but that's not because the video is not extremely painful to watch.


A little human has to be extremely cute to get MadPriest saying "aaah" rather than "yuck," but OCICBW...'s favourite cute kid, Hope, has everything it takes to melt my heart.

Dianne has posted a whole load of new "aaah" photos over at her FORKS OFF THE MOMENT blog. Those of you who like such things will love them. Those of you who don't might also like to check it out as both parents are well babelicious. My guess is that Dianne is one top grade glamourous granny.



  1. What Ellie said.

    The thing that is so disturbing about the Baltimore incident is the staff not only did not try to stop the violence but cheered it. We have some very sick people.


  2. What a kewt kid!

    I’m all cried/vomited-out re the McDonald’s attack (and was also disgusted by the racism expressed in mindless reaction). Am thankful for the large turn-out at that McDonalds to protest the attack though.