This morning, on checking through the posts of the bloggers in THE NEIGHBOURHOOD, from the weekend just passed, I came across an inordinate number of bits of drivel going on about Easter Day and Christ being raised from the dead and all that. Every single one of these posts contained revisionist nonsense about joy and celebration. Pah! As if there isn't enough delusional happiness in the world already.    I was disgusted. Many (most likely, all) of these posts were posted by bloggers who are obviously going to burn in hell for all eternity even if they were to repent of their sins and unfeignedly believe the gospel (that's the Book of Deuteronomy for those of you who belong to the wrong sort of church). What on earth have they got to be joyful about?

Enough of this nonsense, already! We were not put on this earth to have fun and I strongly suggest you all go over to the GAFCON blog and read Father Christian's Easter sermon in which he clearly explains the true meaning of Easter. You should PTL that you have this courageous guardian of orthodoxy to whip you back onto the path of self righteousness  every time you decide to run off into the sunny, green pastures of iniquity to enjoy yourselves.

I am, of course, a huge fan of the saintly, Father Christian. He is the nearest thing we have to perfection in this part of the blogosphere. But he is not quite immaculate. I am afraid that we have to face the fact that sometimes he can be too nice and I think that he may be guilty of this in his Easter message. For the real thing you need to harken to the words of the Head of the Family Firm.

From THE TELEGRAPH (Australia):

Anglican Archbishop of Sydney Dr Peter Jensen used his Easter message to oppose euthanasia, saying there was no such thing as a dignified death.

"There is nothing dignified about the pain, helplessness, loss and anxiety of death. It is undignified," he said.

"It takes God's noble, glorious creation of a human being and turns us back to dust. It strips us of achievements, history, honours, dignity and relationships and destroys our bodies."

I think we can all see what Bishop Jensen is scared shitless about.

It's a shame really. If the bloke had spent a bit more time being a pastor among his flock, in stead of spending all his time building up his family's power base, flying around the world in what appears to be a one man mission to completely get rid of the ozone layer above Australia, and dabbling in dodgy financial investments, he would have discovered that death is often extremely dignified considering the circumstances. If he had spent a bit more time studying the Gospels, in stead of the stockmarket, he would have come across the glorious news that because God raised Jesus from the dead our bodies will also be raised from the dead. It's only the material stuff we've acquired during our lifetimes that we won't be taking with us, as far as I can see.

God 1 - Nature 0

Good result!



  1. So, how come MP you are so on the mark? (no pun? no fun.) At any rate, great post. Yes, Fr. Christian is sometimes too nice. Easter does that to many people, they grimly smile their way through Easter, avoid the Resurrection altogether – since it actually involves dealing with death – and come out the otherside ready to go back to being regular paid up twits, oblivious of any change at all.

    I am sorry for the Archbishop. You are exactly right, death is not only often dignified and I suspect sacramentally inclined, such deaths tell us something about just why even horrible death (cross for example) can be the source of profound change in those who can see.

    You are on the case.

    My word verification is “nolists” cool or what?

  2. Somewhere are the people who made this guy an archbishop. They have some accounting to do.

    You on the other hand are spot on and unemployed. There are others who need to come to account.


    I bet they are afraid to die too.


  3. Poor me! I have to read it in my Weekend Herald.

    Classic Jensen. Classic Sydney Calvinism. They don’t understand the nature of true, loving, real relationships which actually survive death very nicely. Accomplishments? Same thing. They’re stuck in the rut that mistrusts any good works except daily reading of the Old Testamnet. Let me tell you Mr Jensen there are many, many accomplishments that survive death. e.g. music? art? scientific and medical endeavours.

    Honour? Is it, “stripped by death”? No. In most cases is it is enhanced.

    What a sad man. But he’s only reporting his theology, as he sees it. Get cuaght up in this theology and it will strip you of all that is means to be human or divine.


    I’ve been wracking my brain all day trying to remember who sings this (absent the “Family Firm” part). It’s Patti Smith, right?

    JCF, then barely conscious enough of the Punk Mvt, to say “There’s a Punk Mvt I’m barely conscious of”. I do remember thinking, re London when I visited my one and only time (1980) “Gee, a lot of Brits are into that Punk stuff, aren’t they? And what’s up w/ that weird ‘Circled A’ I see graffiti’d everywhere?” ;-p