1. …so I’d say it’s really no reflection on you – he’d have got the job anyhow.

    Then why the hell were you encouraged to travel all the way to Ireland? To make it appear that the parish was doing a real search?

  2. I have had a couple of these in the secular world — due diligence interviews the placement folks call them. I went clear to Atlanta for one where they had a preferred in-house person but had to interview a “serious candidate” to prove they had. ;;sigh;;

    On the other hand the note is generally encouraging.


  3. I’m so sorry, Jonathan.

    Phony interviews like this are common in academic hiring, too. More than once I have traveled a considerable distance to interview at my own expense (think cross country) only to be informed shortly after that they have hired that nice lady who ran the displaced homemaker program, an administrator’s spouse, one of their longtime adjunct instructors, etc.

    Again, Jonathan, I’m so sorry. And your correspondent is right–this is no reflection on you.

  4. Chap of my acquaintance once drove from Northants to very north Derbyshire, to be told “thanks for coming – we’ve appointed someone else”. It’s common in the business world – but they’ve the decency to be more embarrassed about it.

  5. This happens all the time. The interview process is outwardly all fine and dandy and then the sting is in the selection – they get who they wanted all along. It’s just rubbish and upsetting for people who got their hopes upQ

  6. It all just makes me want to scream. Do you think if I climb Hogsback Mountain and face East and you climb whatever equally pathetic mountain is in your vicinity and face west and we both scream till we’re hoarse that the screams will meet somewhere over the Atlantic? Or would that only occur in a perfect vacuum?

    I am once again reminded of all the people who came up to me after I broke up with my ex many years ago and proceeded to tell me how much they didn’t care for him anyway or how much they didn’t trust him, etc. etc. etc. I’m sure they thought they were being helpful, but I just wanted to scream.

    By the way, that video clip was meant for you hanging in against all odds, not me being the one who “is still here.” (though I am) A Blessed Easter to you and Mrs. MP.

  7. You know, somebody needs to make that sort of thing illegal. It’s so obviously “bad faith”.

    It would be one thing if the travel expenses for candidates were paid but knowingly to have someone travel considerable distances at the person’s own expense is really a thoroughly slimy thing to do. Shameful.

  8. Ellie,

    Some things cannot be legislated I fear. It is not precisely conspiracy, and how would we prove it?


  9. This isn’t a new phenomenon. Many years ago as my Team Vicar post was coming to an end I applied for the vacancy of Precentor at a well-known English cathedral and was called for interview. There were some 6 or 7 candidates, and part of the process was to attend a choir rehearsal and then sight-sing in the cathedral to see how we measured up. I decided at that point the whole thing was not what I wanted, so I announced my intention to withdraw from the process. I was asked to attend the interview panel and give my reasons. One of the comments made to me afterwards was “”Well, thank you for coming anyway. We wanted to have someone from the “coal-face” so to speak, to balance out all the academics.” In other words, I was the “sop” to validate the inclusiveness of the process. 🙂