"Chit Chat" is a weekly posting in which I simply give you a word, or short phrase, and you then just waffle on about the subject in any way you see fit.

If the number of comments on any one Chit Chat post gets to fifty, all those who have commented will receive 500 days off purgatory. Should the comments ever reach one hundred I will grant all the participants a general plenary. Now, you don't get offers like that on Facebook!

As this is Holy Week your starter is a bit more serious than has been usual up to now.


Put your thinking hats on.

Honesty will be rewarded by general admiration all round.


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  1. Oh, this is a wonderful question! I’m in a rush here so I’ll need to answer it a bit later today.

    For now, pondering the question gladdens my heart.

    “Jesu, all my gladness…”

  2. There’s good and bad responses to this question.

    The good stuff:

    1: Separation of church & state (at least here in the US; don’t know about other places)

    2: Universities

    3: Hospitals

    4: Various other charities

    5: Humanism & socialism

    The not so good stuff:

    1: Westboro Baptist Church

    2: People who are anti-female priests/clergy/etc

    3: Homophobia

    4: Crusades/witch hunts/Inquisition

    5: Morality laws (such as the “no fortune telling” laws on the books in states like Maryland here in the US, anyway) or “blue laws” (no alcohol sold on Sundays in many places here in the US because it’s “immoral”) etc

    You mean that kind of thing?

  3. Spoke the truth at a personal cost to protect victims and convert perpetrators. I am trying to do the same at my blog having found out Dignity Dayton/Living Beatitudes Community has allowed a priest with admitted sexual misconduct to celebrate mass at Dignity Dayton for ten years.

    Please visit, read and repost my posts linking to Dayton TV coverage and the DD/LBC blog instructing members to cover up. More blogs to follow and hopefully a youtube!

    DD/LBC leadership claim that Dignity USA has given informed consent to this too. Dignity USA has yet to confirm or deny. Dignity Dayton/LBC is now maintaining “no comment” after I exposed them to local media. I link to their accidental public blogpost instructing their rank and file to make no public statement and declaring the whistleblowing priest rather than the one with admitted misconduct to be the problem.

    We need to take this viral–please help tell Dignity Dayton/Living Beatitudes and Dignity USA: “Live the Beatitudes–Tell the Truth!”

    Thousand thanks to you and the gang!

  4. One of the many things that Jesus did was to be the inspiration for many wonderful works of art in the past couple of thousand years.

  5. Hung out with all the wrong people, defied authority, forgave sinners, got into trouble for doing the right thing. . .then told us to go and do the same.

    On an unrelated matter:

    wv: hogism—the cult of Harley-Davidson?

  6. I’m with The Other Jean.

    When I first came out and those in the conservative church I left behind cautioned me about the dangers of being in association with those with whom I was then in community, my heart was glad.

  7. Comforted the afflicted and afflicted the self righteous and too comfortable

    Died a horrible death rather than recant and run

    Was raised from the dead and went to find the ones who had betrayed and forsaken him, in order to offer them forgiveness and life everlasting.

  8. For my response to “what has Jesus done for us?” you must go to the music widgit on the right hand sidebar, just above the yellow cat, “Soundtrack to Our lives” and go to the fourth track, at about 14:30. I would give you the title but I got in trouble with an invasive troll two years ago Easter when I quoted the title, and anyway, you have to hear the entire song to get my response.

    “****-ups of the world, unite!”

  9. Gave us himself to eat.

    Lived (divinely!) the model of a human life.

    Made All-in-All/All-in-Love promises to us that, somehow, can’t not be True.