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  1. Ah yes the engineer for Steely Dan in the days when they were worth listening to. (Although on checking with Google I now see that he was also the engineer for their more recent crap albums. Maybe that”s what killed him?)

  2. That’s funny!

    Off the subject here: MP, I can access this site in my office but not at home (same laptop so it’s not my computer). I don’t seem to have a problem with any other site. It’s weird. I’ll contact my internet provider again on Monday. (This is really a nuisance.)

  3. Hi, Dah*veed. I’ve finally figured it out. It’s my router. I switched from my wireless router just now back to my old one that has to hook to my computer with a cable. I get OCICBW just fine this way. Go figure. The trouble is that right now I don’t have a cable long enough that reaches where I like to use my computer but that’s okay. At least I can check in here occasionally until I can get my wireless router replaced or reconfigured on Monday.