From KJ:

Due to growing health concerns, today my partner and I had Jake the Wiener put down.  Since this community has had to read more than its fair share of Wiener stories and references, it's only fitting that there should be a Jake pictorial tribute.  We choose to believe that Jake is now eating human food and grain-filled kibble to his heart's content.

Jake at 4 months

Just a sample of the poor quality of life a dog
can come to know while its gay owners are
intent solely on having sex until they die.

Wiener prey.

The "Beds are to be worn" phase.

The Noble Wiener



  1. KJ — just lost my beloved Molly so now I’ll cry for you as well as on my own. I don’t cry for the dogs because they are having a ball despite wondering where we are.

  2. True nobility. What a very, very fine looking dog indeed.

    KJ, you have my heartfelt sympathy. Please be comforted. And may Jake thoroughly enjoy his new resurrection life.

  3. KJ, I am so sorry for your loss of Jake. He is a magnificent doxie and I know you will miss him very much. These little guys lives are all too short. May Jake run and play and be pain free forever. And peace and blessings to you and your partner.

  4. So sorry, KJ. Howls of empathy from the pack here in the Upper Peninsula. Even the cats seem to be offer a bit of sympathy.

  5. Cats offering sympathy? Mad One! We have the first of Jake’s miracle! Certainly canonization cannot be far away. Jake could be the patron saint of “Why aren’t we eating?”

    Thanks to all for the many kinds words and prayers. As most here know, there are few things more surreal than that last trip with the much-loved pet, their trusting you all the while. Breaks one’s heart.

  6. OH! Jake the Wiener looks like my Midnight the Wiener … without the tweaked back (darn those wiener backs). I’m so sorry for your loss!