A couple who abandoned their lame dog at the side of a road have been told they can still keep pets. Despite potentially facing jail sentences after being filmed leaving their pet, Ginger, the couple were handed just a conditional discharge.

The dog, a Shetland terrier cross, was abandoned on a patch of grass by Michael Hartley, 54, who pretended to take the dog for a walk before running to his car and driving off. The bewildered dog was seen on CCTV limping pitifully after the vehicle in Weymouth, Dorset.

Four months after the incident, Ginger was taken in by retired postman, John Steele, after he was judged to be the most suitable owner.

"What they did was callous," he told the Daily Express. "Anything could have happened to the dog after they left her. She could have been run over."

Ginger is now recovering well and enjoys going to the park every morning. Hartley and Hadfield faced a maximum six-month prison sentence or a fine of up to £20,000. Instead they were told to pay just £100 each along with the conditional discharge.



  1. Sure, the dog looks all nice and dandy in the photo. But don’t tell me that dog hasn’t been washed and groomed.

    It was probably a very ugly looking dog when they dumped it!

  2. It’s the incredible laziness and stinginess of the couple that disgusts me most, Boaz. They couldn’t even be bothered to find a river or purchase a sack. They should be stripped of their British citizenship.

  3. “Quick. While she’s not looking. Back in the car!

    Well that’s gotten rid of her ginger!

    Oh, shit! I’ve left the wrong one behind!”

  4. When I read stories and see pictures like those my Christianity is called into question. I shall have to work hard to see those two in the light of God’s Love because right now I am not feeling very loving towards them.

  5. There was a story posted on that other place recently about a guy who pitched the dog he had nearly starved to death down 22 stories in the garbage shoot.

    I wanted to skin him alive – not sure what I would do to these two…but it wouldn’t be nice.

  6. With any luck being caught and dragged into court will give them a hell of a fright they won’t forget in a hurry. One can only hope, anyway.

    Ginger is lovely.