From susankay:

I ask prayers for Molly the WonderDog as she seems to be failing - but who knows. Her guardians would also appreciate prayers as we may face a period of mourning.


From JCF:

I have felt, for the better part of a month, like (in the clinical term) "crap". I saw the doctor yesterday (stated only as a check-up) and got some (needed!) meds. However, both are the sorts that need days to weeks to kick-in. And yes, I'm feeling that infamous head-med thing of "things look even bleaker" now that I've just started them.

It just may be my head, that tells me that there are "other things wrong w/ me." I'm HOPING in a few days, I'll be able to say "Head-Meds beat-down my hypochondria again!"

...but I'm also getting an ultrasound in a few days, in case there should be something internal amiss (I emphasize that there is NOT thought to be any sort of malignancy).

Oh, and my lower back hurts like hell, and I think (bothersome symptoms of) The Change may be starting to hit.

Anyway, sum it all up, and you get the clinical "cr@p".

I'd really love some prayers. Thanks!


Posted by LKT at THE INFUSION:

A spokesman for the UN mission in Ivory Coast, Guillaume N'Gefa, told AFP that 330 people had been killed in Duekoue as Mr Ouattara's forces took over the town, most of them at the hands of the rebels. More than 100 more people were killed by Mr Gbagbo's troops before they left, he added. Mr N'Gefa said a UN team was still investigating and those figures were likely to rise.


Posted by Gurdur at THE HEATHEN HUB:

The Fukushima Da-ichi reactor is still very much a major problem, and now there is significant leakage of water bearing radioactive iodine. From the New York Times:

"Experts estimate that about 7 tons an hour of radioactive water is escaping the pit. Safety officials have said that the water, which appears to be coming from the damaged No. 2 reactor at Fukushima Daiichi, contains one million Becquerels per liter of iodine 131, or about 10,000 times levels normally found in water at a nuclear facility."


Tokyo Electric Power Company will release almost 11,500 tons of water contaminated with low levels of radiation from the Fukushima Daiichi nuclear plant into the Pacific Ocean, as workers struggle to contain the increasing amounts of dangerous runoff resulting from efforts to cool the plant’s damaged reactors. The runoff is now threatening to swamp the generators powering the cooling systems at two of the six reactors just recently brought under control, threatening to reverse what little progress the company has made in resolving the world’s worst nuclear crisis in decades.



Police using live rounds and tear gas wounded hundreds of protesters marching on a presidential palace in Yemen's Red Sea city of Hudaida on Monday in a sign of fraying nerves as the weeks-old political crisis deepens.


Hundreds of Syrians chanted "freedom" as they gathered late Saturday in the Damascus suburb of Douma to receive protesters wounded when they confronted security forces the day before, a witness said.


From BBC NEWS (South Asia):

Two Nato soldiers have been shot dead by a man wearing an Afghan border police uniform in Afghanistan's Faryab province.


From BBC NEWS (South Asia):

Suicide attackers have killed at least 41 people and wounded many more at a shrine in Pakistan.

The explosions struck near the Sakhi Sarwar shrine in Punjab, as Sufi Muslim devotees gathered for an annual three-day festival. Sufis, a minority Muslim group who follow mystical beliefs, are regarded as heretical by hardliners.

A Taliban fighter told reporters his group carried out the attack, the third on Sufi shrines in a year.



Ai Weiwei, one of China's most celebrated and internationally recognised artists, who designed the impressive Bird's Nest stadium for the Chinese capital's 2008 Olympic Games, has been detained in Beijing by police and has now been missing for 24 hours. His studio has been searched, computers have been confiscated and his assistants quizzed. He has long been an outspoken critic of the ruling Communist Party.


From BBC NEWS (Northern Ireland):

Catholic and Church of Ireland bishops in the north west have condemned the murder of police officer Ronan Kerr. The 25-year-old constable, who was Catholic, was killed when a booby-trapped bomb exploded beneath his car on Saturday morning. No group has admitted carrying out the attack but police believe dissident republicans are to blame.



Thusha Kamaleswaran has been in a coma for five days since being hit in the chest by a stray bullet. Thusha was with her mother, three-year-old sister and brother, 12, in the shop which is owned by her uncle, Vicknes Mahadevan, when two black teenagers ran in, apparently being chased by three youths on bicycles. Suddenly, a gunman outside began firing. Thusha was hit in the chest and shop assistant Mr Selvakumar was hit in the head. Mr Selvakumar is in a serious but stable condition.



Yesterday (Friday), Fort Bend ISD, near Houston, announced it was laying off 470 employees. 195 of those were certified teaching positions. March 25, Round Rock ISD, my home district, announced 280 employee layoffs, 234 of them probationary teachers. Those are generally new teachers in their first two years of employment. The district warned that the next round of layoffs will come from contracted employees. Austin ISD voted March 28 to eliminate 490 positions. Some are administration but most are teaching and support staff. Dallas ISD is looking at eliminating almost 3,000 positions, of which 1,300 will be teaching positions. This is a nightmare. And not one we as a state will soon wake from.



Posted by Sam at ELIZAPHANIAN (Saturday):

Joy of joys, my daughter is being baptised tomorrow morning, and I am just going to be playing the part of Dad.



At Sunday Evensong, BP had her first real thurifer solo. Evensong is shorter than Sunday Eucharist and is where the thurifers do their final polishing. She's on the list to do the procession at Palm Sunday. I think it is marvelous that her first full service is likely to be Easter.



UNITED KINGDOM: Multi-millionaire, Jonathan Ruffer, has bought a series of 17th century religious paintings from the Anglican church for 15 million pounds and has given them back so they can remain on public display and potentially boost art tourism in parts of the rundown northeast of England. Painted by Francisco de Zurbaran, a contemporary of Velazquez and El Greco, the representations of the Biblical patriarch Jacob and his sons have been kept at Auckland Castle at Durham since 1756.

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THE PRAYER LIST – 4TH. APRIL 2011 — 8 Comments

  1. The hard-over consrvatives in the US are on track to un-do over 100 years of social progress. Here in Texas, the expected loss in educational funding will cripple the schools to an extent they will likely not recover from for many years. In Dallas, the Booker T. Washington magnet school for the arts was rated last year as the best high school in the United States. With the coming budget cuts, up to half the teachers at the school will be laid off. But here’s the thing: the teachers who teach the core academic subjects can’t be laid off, as those subjects are required by state law. So, if the 50% lay-off holds, the majority of teachers let go will be all the arts teachers who made BTW the outstanding magnet school it is. There has been a group in the Dallas ISD who have always disliked the idea of “talented and gifted” schools for for any students. They want all students to be “equal”, so there will not be a lot of resistance from the school district itself to making the cuts.

    This is a tragedy geing played out over many states in the US, but Texas seems the most determined to use cuts alone as a means to balance the budget. You can be sure, though, that all the tax breaks given to businesses will be retained, to make Texas “business friendly”. If Republicans really want to balance the budget (they really don’t; it’s more about power and undoing social programs they don’t approve of), they would eliminate ALL business subsidies and tax breaks in the next federal budget. Maybe Obama should propose just that, and see what happens. John Boehner will spit blood…..

  2. (Thanks for posting my request. Unfortunately, JCF’s Great Cr@p of 2011 is still continuing…)

    Prayers ascending! Off to light candle.

  3. “when two black teenagers ran in”

    Is this just a Daily Mail thing? It’s one thing if the police are saying “the suspects at large have been described as…” in order to make a witness ID.

    But I don’t think the alleged perpetrators’ race/ethnicity belongs in a narrative like this. The bullets would have harmed this child no matter who fired them. As is, it’s just race-baiting, and likely to incite. Daily Mail: FAIL.

  4. Ah, dang it: I now see my righteous point has been compromised by the fact that the “black teenagers” aren’t the alleged gunmen! (Did I mention I’m feeling like cr@p? I’ll stop trying to critique while it endures…)

  5. There is probably more violence between Asian and black youths in England than between any other ethnic groups. The Mail may have been alluding to this, especially if the gunmen are believed to be Asian. Of course, they could have just been racist and I apologise for not picking it up. I do try to get rid of such things before posting. For example, unless it is absolutely necessary to the story, I strike out the age of people which our media seems to think we need to know.

  6. I have given prayerful attention to every petition and thanksgiving mentioned here and have lit my candle. May the Holy One help and sustain each one.

    MadPriest, your heartbreaking ‘toon is excellent and very much to the point. What we “save” by laying off teachers, we will end up paying in prison costs. (This isn’t brain surgery…)

    Strangelove, it’s horrible. It grieves me to say this but I so very glad that I’m no longer in the teaching profession (school teaching, that is). It’s hard to believe these days that in 1967 I began my undergraduate work on what was known as a “National Defense” scholarship — granted because I was willing to teach. We actually considered good schools staffed by good teachers to be vital to our national interests back then. It’s hard to fathom what has happened.

  7. I don’t like Mondays, Ellie. Every weekend the world goes crazy. Compiling the Prayer List that follows is a painful way to start the week.

  8. I can imagine, MadPriest. I believe you.

    Please do pray for the country of my birth – which is going crazy, as you know. As I write this evening, I am watching (for the second time) the amazing film by Ken Burns entitled “The Civil War”. It’s currently being rebroadcast on public television to commemorate the 150th anniversary of the beginning of that horrible, horrible war. The first shots were fired at Ft. Sumter on April 12, 1861. (Interestingly, April 12 is the anniversary of my Solemn Profession.)

    I don’t mean to be reductionistic here, but I do think that much of what we’re going through today can be attributed to leftover scars from “the war of brother against brother”. And, of course, the reality of that war can be traced back to our willingness to ratify the constitution of our new nation while justifying and tolerating the continued existence of slavery. It is all very tragic.