The Israeli military deployed the first mobile battery of a new antirocket missile defense system on Sunday on a dusty rise at the outskirts of the southern Israeli city of Beersheba. Military officials said the deployment was accelerated because of the recent escalation in rocket and mortar fire by Gaza militants against southern Israel and Israeli airstrikes on Gaza, which have led to fears of an all-out confrontation.



Insurgents kidnapped 40 men in an ambush in the northeastern province of Kunar, Afghanistan, on Saturday and a suicide bomber killed 20 people and wounded 50 others in the eastern province of Paktika on Sunday.



China sentenced thousands of people to death last year, for a wide range of crimes that include nonviolent offences and after proceedings that did not meet international fair trial standards, even as the rest of the world's combined number dropped, Amnesty International said today.

Iran executed at least 252 people, followed by North Korea with at least 60 executions, Yemen with at least 53 and the United States with 46.


Posted by Gurdur at THE HEATHEN HUB:

This year saw the pro-democracy revolution in Egypt, and it also sees the danger of that so-far-successful revolution being hijacked by a loose, de facto partnership of convenience between the Egyptian army, the supporters of the old (Mubarak etc.) regime and the Muslim Brotherhood. Now the interim Egyptian government has just made a law criminalizing all protests and strikes throughout Egypt; a little while before that, women protestors in Tahrir square were targeted by the Egyptian army cracking down on the protests. To add as much insult to injury as possible, the arrested women were subjected to "virginity tests" - observation of the hymen, I assume - in front of male soldiers, and anyone who was unmarried and found to not possess the required paperwork was additionally charged with "prostitution".


Fear persists among Egypt’s minority Coptic community despite hope among the rest of the population of greater freedom after the successful referendum to amend the constitution. The vast majority of Christians voted “no” in the referendum, contrasting more than 70 per cent of the population that voted “yes.”

“It is not that the Christian population does not want the constitution to be changed. They feel that this change is too quick and will only benefit the established political blocs such as the Muslim Brotherhood and the National Democratic Party,” said a source, a sentiment echoed by secular opponents.


Posted by Catherine at COME TO THE TABLE...:

The last year has been very eventful and not in what I would call a positive way. It has been hard and tiring, wearing me down at times to a point where I don't think I can recover, but somehow I manage with God's grace. It has not been a particularly happy year, more of a year of resignation to whatever comes along and remain moving forward almost automatically. Time has been drawn out but the days have sped by, blurring from one to the other.

At this time, right now, everything that should be a positive thing, isn't, and it presses down hard on the soul and grinds the body and mind, seemingly crushing any will that might be left to keep going.


Please pray for MadPriest who is going on a long journey tomorrow. Please pray that it will all be, as they say, satisfactory.



From Dah·veed:

Traveling done. All home safely.


Leonardo Ricardo has news about the, extremely probable, dropping of the anti-gay legislation by the Ugandan parliament on his blog,


From BBC NEWS (South Asia):

The number of tigers in India's wild has gone up by 20%, the environment and forest ministry says. The latest census puts the population of the big cat at 1,706. There were 1,411 tigers at the last count in 2007. India, with more than 45,000 sq km (27,961 miles) of forest area under 39 designated tiger reserves, had 100,000 tigers at the turn of the last century.


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THE PRAYER LIST – 28TH. MARCH 2011 — 5 Comments

  1. I’m so glad you’re home safe and sound, Dah*veed.

    Prayers for all here – especially our dear MadPriest. Travelling mercies to you.

  2. Safe travels, MadPriest. I pray the result of your long journey will be, as you say, satisfactory.

    Yay, Dah·veed!

    Shame on us in the US for remaining on the list of executioners.

  3. Shame on us in the US for remaining on the list of executioners.

    If the English were on a list with those other countries I think we would have ditched capital punishment, not for any moral reason but for the sole reason we wouldn’t want to be associated with them. I must admit, if I was an American I would be extremely embarrassed by this report and my country’s choice of bloodthirsty bedfellows.

  4. The Myth that “REVENGE! = Justice” is still one of the mostly deeply-ingrained narratives in the (U.S.) American psyche (but why the f@ck does wave after wave of immigrants pick it up at the dock/borders?! Argh.)


    Prayers ascending for all in need. I thank you all, for adding your prayers and sympathy to mine at Cathy’s memorial on Saturday. It was meaningful for all who attended (and more besides).

    God be w/ you on your travels, MP.