Once again my heart goes out to my American friends who, because they are believed incapable of reading sub-titles, are going to have to put up with a dumbed down, prettied up remake of "The Killing," the greatest twenty hours of TV we have seen in the UK for many a year.

Now, where do I get my "I sat through 20 hours of The Killing - and still want more" tee shirt?


IT IS OVER — 11 Comments

  1. Thanks for your sympathy. Maybe within a decade BBCAmerica pr PBS will get us the original. We did manage to see the Millennium trilogy for real before the prettied up, dumbed down version even hit the casting couch.

  2. This has been absolutely the best thing on UK TV this year, though I am still a few weeks behind on the recordings I made (so no spoilers yet, please!!). If you find out where the T-shirts are, let me know in a couple of weeks 🙂