If I was to refer you to every brilliant article Doug posts on his blog, COUNTERLIGHT'S PECULIARS, I would be mentioning him on OCICBW... every single day. As this would be a tad repetitive I have to positively discriminate against him. But he's a gay artist, so he's used to that and, no doubt, takes it in his stride.

However, his post, "The End Of Religion" goes beyond the mere brilliant and achieves the stratospheric heights of pure genius. I strongly suggest you check it out although I expect most of you have done so already.

All the world is ultimately trash where nothing has any inherent meaning or value. All things exist for profit and pleasure, and when they no longer fulfill either, then all things are trash, including people. Why not cut down the last tree on Easter Island or keep a harem of child sex slaves or make dog food out of people? Why not loot the national economy for fun and profit and make suckers out of the nation's citizens? If the world and everything in it has no value apart from what's written on a price tag, then what does it matter? The line between crime and business becomes ever fuzzier all the time with cops and robbers trading places as profit margins go up. As John Updike once wrote, "Even three in the morning is lit up with the glow of money going rotten." That is the world that is being created for all of us to live in whether we want it or not. The people who own and run the world want this despite whatever we might think.

Those of you who shun intellectual stimulation should still check it out as the paintings that accompany the piece are very pretty. Lots of lovely bright colours.



  1. A most excellent presentation indeed, and many thoughtful comments, as one might expect from those who really think bout what they believe.