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TWITCHAT (8) — 14 Comments

  1. I do not get the zebra reference since Mr. Ed was a Palomino horse. . .

    My first thought was Rin Tin Tin and then Lassie, a long lasting star who was played by many male Collies. Nary a female in the bunch! I always thought that was totally unfair.

  2. How about Ursa Major?

    (You didn’t, after all, define “stars”. Yes, I know. You gave us the ‘toon implying that you meant entertainer-type-stars. For the moment, however, I prefer to consider the celestial kind.)

  3. Dang, I came here to post “Sirius”, too! ;-X

    One of the more memorable dogs on TV, was the Bundy family dog, “Buck”. When the four-legged actor (was) retired, they had a “Buck Goes to Dog Heaven” episode . . . only instead he reincarnated as the next Bundy family dog! (Complete w/ a “Nooooooooo!” Simultaneously *LOL* and sad-poignant “Awwww”)

  4. Animal stars? Only one comes to mind…


    Skippy, Skippy
    Skippy the bush kangaroo.
    Skippy, Skippy
    Skippy a friend ever true.

  5. Animal from the muppets immediately comes to my mind.

    Because, well for a muppet, he was really an animal…