Jan has posted a thought provoking and well written piece entitled "The Problem With Jovial Priests" which is well worth your time popping over to her place, A CHURCH FOR STARVING ARTISTS, to read.

One of the biggest spiritual issues of our day is the need to be with people in the throes of Real Life. It's tempting to be "the entertaining pastor" or the "funny pastor" or merely "the smart pastor."

But the 21st C Church is sorely in need of the equipping pastor who models servanthood and compassion, the pastor who is unafraid to grapple with the deepest issues of our lives, the pastor who sees people with the eyes of Jesus.

The most outwardly jovial priest I ever worked with turned out to be a paedophile. Stephen King is right - never trust clowns.



  1. When I read this post, I thot of AB Dolan, as we watched part of the 60 min. program. Watching it, I thot that he is a PR man, trying to upgrade the RC image as shock waves from abuses continue to crash around his ears. Disarming, but don’t believe a word!


  2. That’s truly a call to all priests, ministers, pastors and indeed all those who call themselves Christians: to see people with the eyes of Jesus.

    Andy Baby