Posted by J. Michael Povey at POVEY PRATTLE:

The headline news: First it was Tunisia. Then Egypt. Then Libya. Next we were taken to New Zealand and the ghastly earthquake in Christ Church. Then back to Libya for a day or two. Moving on we were directed to Japan, and an even more awful earthquake, tsunami, and possible nuclear catastrophe.

No matter where we get news - from radio, T.V., internet, or those old fashioned things known as newspapers, the news has been the same.

Tunisia. Egypt. Libya. New Zealand. Libya again. And now Japan.

Even as we express our concern about Japan we forget New Zealand. Even as we fret about Libya we forget Iraq, Afghanistan and the “jokers in the pack” - Iran and Israel.

Meanwhile, Ron and Charlotte worry themselves sick about the cancer which is all to present in the body of their daughter-in-law Liz. Martyn and Wendy are still so very concerned about Brenda’s cancer. Elliot wonders “what will be” as his partner Jesse battles that same old bastard known as cancer. In Sarasota, four teenagers were killed in a horrid road accident, two of them from the same family.

There is more bad news that I/we can comprehend. But life goes on.



Pray for our young men and women who have died in Iraq and Afghanistan, and for their families:

Loren M. Buffalo, 20: Andrew M. Harper, 19: Kalin C. Johnson, 19: Ian M. Muller, 22: Daehan Park, 36: Arturo E. Rodriguez, 19: Eric S. Trueblood, 27: Andrew P. Wade, 22

Pray also for the fallen heroes also of our coalition partners, and for the citizens of Iraq and Afghanistan who have died, unnamed and unknown to us, and for those who mourn ... and for an end to this endless war.



The US is pushing the UN to authorise not just a no-fly zone over Libya, but also the use of air strikes to stop the advance of forces loyal to Muammar Gaddafi.



Scout leaders, football coaches and a police officer are among more than 100 suspected paedophiles arrested in the UK after the world’s biggest internet child sex ring was smashed by British police. Others from every walk of life were arrested worldwide after undercover officers posing as paedophiles infiltrated a website with more than 70,000 members.



Bahrain arrested several opposition leaders and activists in dawn raids on their homes Thursday, as the government continued its attempt to stifle the recent uprising on the strategic Gulf island.

Security forces backed by the army drove protesters out of the center of Manama Wednesday in an effort to crush a growing protest movement. Tension also increased with the arrival on Monday of 1,000 troops from Saudi Arabia and 500 police from the United Arab Emirates.


Posted by Fr. Kenny at RECTOR'S RAMBLINGS:

The past couple of days have been pretty dreadful! A bad case of the "runs" and the central heating breaking down have not done much for the demeanor! It's not a pleasant subject, but I can't be far away from a loo at the moment, and although there's now a bit of heat in the house, the prospect of a frozen loo is not the best!




The Diocese of Birmingham voted on Saturday in favour of women in the episcopate of the Church of England. This was the first Diocesan vote on the law that will allow women to become bishops in the Church of England, and it was carried by 75 to 4 in favour of the legislation with its accompanying provisions for those who will not accept women as bishops. To make that endorsement even more clear, two motions that asked for even more provisions for those opposed were defeated, with only a small minority of people voting for them.

Other excellent news is the first diocesan vote on the Anglican Covenant also rejected the proposal. Both clergy and laity (the latter overwhelmingly) rejected the Covenant at the Wakefield Diocesan Synod meeting on Saturday 12th March.


Posted by Jendi at REITER'S BLOCK:

My poem "Bullies in Love" has just won the 2010 Anderbo Poetry Prize judged by Charity Burns and Linda Bierds. Anderbo is a NYC-based online literary journal edited by Rick Rofihe. This poem was inspired by the episode of "Glee" where the homophobic football player kisses sweet little gayboy Kurt. Who says watching TV doesn't pay?

You can read Jendi's excellent poem on her website.

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THE PRAYER LIST – 17th. MARCH 2011 — 4 Comments

  1. It is all rather overwhelming isn’t it? Disasters in New Zealand and Japan, wars of one sort or another, accidents and illness that may kill. Prayers ascending.


  2. Welcome back, MP.

    Please also pray (some more) for my friend Cath. I think she may be losing her fight w/ cancer. 🙁

    Prayers ascending for all in needs…