From F. Harry Stowe (Dorabelle's human):

Telephone report: all mass removed, with large margins; no bone or muscle involvement; awake and vocal (did I mention her one flaw -- here quietest voice is like an old dial telephone with the user interface on a stick and her most furious is that only louder and meaner sounding). I don't see her until 5 (11 GMT), but all sounds good.

Thank you one and all for thoughts and prayers. I am sure Dory sends her love, too.

Brilliant news, F. Harry. We await a post-op photo of the brave, little hero as soon as she is back to full health and looking her best.


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  1. Please pray for an abandoned dog (black GSD) someone abandoned/or was found at, my local community center. I heard the dog barking (locked up by the dumpsters), and inside, a woman was calling animal control “It’s a vicious dog!” she said.

    I went to check on the dog. Of course, s/he wasn’t vicious AT ALL (merely distressed from being locked up). I put forth my hand, which was promptly licked.

    I feel all kinds of torn, but I couldn’t take the dog myself. Please pray s/he finds a loving home!