1. Blast you, MP! My weakness has been exposed. Corgi cuteness meltiesbrainz!

    *goes off to coo over the wonderful corgis!*

  2. Aw, Chappy. Shedding, shedding Chappy!

    [I need to find out whether Mickey, the Corgi who lives 3 doors down from me, is such a shedding machine!]

  3. I had a cat with an undercoat that grew every winter and had to be combed out every spring. He, too, left me with more hair than the entire volume of the complete cat. I never quite understood it. The birds loved it. If I left it on the deck, it would quickly disappear. It lined many a nest in my backyard.

  4. WOW! I did not know my sweet Chappy was here.

    I have a cutepetometer installed on my computer that searches 24/7 for photos of the non-human friends of my readers 🙂