From John:

Though I am only a lurker and this is a minor matter in the chaos of the world, I would ask for good thoughts (I worry about asking for prayers for a cat, though she, like Jeoffrey, is a servant of the Living God) for Dorabelle, who came to me as a nurse during recuperation from a heart attack and has stayed on seven years as companion and guard. She is to go under the laser blade tomorrow morning for removal of an iatrogenic sarcoma. A routine procedure they say, but...

Our atheists will provide their best "good thoughts." Our pagans will probably whip up a spell or two. The Christians will PRAY. If God can care about a sparrow, God certainly cares about important cats like Dorabelle (although what God's opinion would be if an important cat like Dorabelle killed and ate a sparrow I have no idea).



  1. That pic is a-Dorabelle!

    Prayers ascending for the Pretteh Kitteh (and her human staffperson).

  2. Prayers from me, Smoke, Sandstorm and Arthur the cat members of our household. May the Lord hold her and her surgeons in His healing hands.


  3. Prayers definitely. Good thoughts as well. Spells? Hey I can light a candle with the best of them and call the quarters while I’m at it.

    Do keep us posted, John. We care very much.

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    Out all sickness!!!

  4. [Truthfully, as soon as I thought of it, I had to scroll the previous comments: was SURE someone would have Gone There ahead of me.]

    Hey, I didn’t make a “Pussy Loves Big Feet” remark did I? ;-p

  5. Xena Warrior Lab-mix Princess woofed me to say she is praying for Dorabelle. I suspect her of having ulterior motives but my only motive in praying is for healing for you and Dorabelle, John.

  6. What’s that Ciceronian figure “I will not mention his constant robberies,…”? And the feet bit is myth anyhow. Dory (whom I mainly address as “Cat” or “Cussy Pat”) was actually named Dorable because she was adorable (the rescue folk had called her Pearl, for goodness). That, along with getting her in the first place, is my wife, Martha,’s work — and she wants due credit. But Dory is clearly mine — at least when she races me to the bathroom to enjoy uninterrupted brushing followed by a drink from the tap (almost upside down the cat is). Sorry to go on, but I am worried.

  7. Freyja and Bast smile upon this beautiful kitty. She is a lovely lady indeed!

  8. Iatrogenic: a rare side effect of feline leukemia vaccine, far too uncommon to skip protection against an epizootic disease. But when when you cat gets the short statistical straw,… .
    Stepping down from my pedantstal, thank you all, human, feline and canine, for your thoughts and prayers. I gather up my pet and head off to hospital much less worried. Please hold those thoughts til this is over this afternoon ( and weeks of recovery ( literally, she gets a serious shave). Thank you.

  9. Telephone report: all mass removed, with large margins; no bone or muscle involvement; awake and vocal (did I mention her one flaw — here quietest voice is like an old dial telephone with the user interface on a stick and her most furious is that only louder and meaner sounding). I don’t see her until 5 (11 GMT), but all sounds good.

    Thank you one and all for thoughts and prayers. I am sure Dory sends her love, too.