Forty-six people in Zimbabwe have been charged with treason, and some allegedly beaten by police, after watching videos of the uprisings in Egypt and Tunisia The activists, trade unionists and students were at a meeting on Saturday titled Revolt in Egypt and Tunisia: What lessons can be learnt by Zimbabwe and Africa?, when it was raided by police who seized a video projector, two DVDs and a laptop.

The group was detained in police cells and transferred to a notorious maximum security prison on Wednesday night. Treason can be punishable by death in Zimbabwe.


From CBR:

LinkedIn, the networking site for professionals, has been blocked in China after a user posted comments in support of Tunisia's Jasmine revolution spreading to the country.

On 23 February, a LinkedIn user identified as "Jasmine Z" started the "Jasmine Voice" discussion group that was intended to discuss pro-democracy protests in the Middle East. Jasmine Z wrote, "After years of independent thinking, I am becoming a critical dissent dying for democracy, freedom and justice in my homeland."



The Canadian-born Bishop of Christchurch was coughing up mortar dust at the end of the line. Before her lay the rubble of the Christchurch Cathedral, symbol of a city in ruins. Victoria Matthews was ordained inside the historic New Zealand cathedral in 2008. The former Anglican bishop of Edmonton has celebrated Christmases and Easters inside its sanctuary, and visited it nearly every day. Now, she was standing before its toppled spire and scattered stones as crews prepared to start searching for bodies. As many as 22 people, mainly tourists, were believed to have been trapped inside.

“I hope there’s no one, but I suspect I will be wrong,” Bishop Matthews said when reached on her cellphone in central Christchurch. “There are just tons and tons of large stones. It’s almost like an avalanche has come down.”

She paused as the whooshing beat of helicopter blades sounded overhead. “It’s a bit like a war zone here,” she said.

“We used to call the cathedral the heart of the city,” she said, “and we’re now calling it the broken heart of the city.”


Posted by Ormonde Plater at THROUGH THE DUST:

Murdered this week in the New Orleans metro area:

2/18 Eric Remee 17 M Shot Orleans
2/18 Guadalupe Martinez 64 M Beaten Orleans (from injuries sustained in 11/3/10 mugging)
2/19 Terrance Dennis 18 M Shot Orleans
2/19 Christopher Jupiter 29 M Shot Orleans
2/20 Warren Turner 27 M Shot Orleans
2/20 Little John Haynes 21 M Shot Orleans
2/20 Sean Simmons 27 M Shot Orleans
2/21 Edwin Canales 41 M Beaten Orleans
2/22 Boris Scott 53 M Shot Orleans
2/22 Christiana Junius 19 F Shot Orleans

Please pray for the victims, their murderers, and their families.



Said Musa, the Afghan Christian who was facing the death sentence for converting from Islam, has been released from the prison in Kabul, a Christian persecution watchdog has reported.

"I got confirmation today that he is out of the country," Aidan Clay, of International Christian Concern, told The Christian Post on Thursday.

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  1. “Victoria Matthews was ordained inside the historic New Zealand cathedral in 2008.” In view of the devastating situation in Christchurch, this is an utterly trivial point: but Bishop Matthews may have been installed (actually I think they called it “enthroned”) in Christchurch Cathedral in 2008, but she was consecrated to the episcopate (as a Suffragan of Toronto) in 1994 and elected to Edmonton in 1997. The Globe and Mail should have gotten this right, since, after all, they were there.

    Sorry to be such a nitpicker. Pray for Christchurch. I understand there were many visitors killed in the collapse of the cathedral spire, and many other parish churches in the city were very severely damaged.