From David Virtue's Bounteous Bosom:

I don't know if the news there is covering the story of the labor demonstrations in Wisconsin, but it's amazing stuff. It looks like Americans might finally be standing up to the oligarchy again.

Anyway, the Dropkick Murphys have put out a little song in honor of the protest. I think you will enjoy it.

Of course the bloggers and media commentators of the American right wing (you know, the people who persuaded that young man to go and kill all those people in Tucson the other month) are complaining that it is a call to violence. If you take it literally then it is and OCICBW... does not condone the use of violence in such situations. So, dear readers, please take the lyrics of the song metaphorically and "take the bastards down" by peaceful protest and with your God endorsed cries for justice.


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And gird your loins and prepare for battle with this call to (metaphorical) arms sent in by our comrade, Red Dennis.



  1. Sing it with me now!


    Up the workers! Up the unions!

    IATSE local 835 IN DA HOUSE!

    (For those who are not familiar – Joe is a member of IATSE local 835, which is the division of the stagehands union that works on our trade shows.)

  2. As Joe has said: if every last American working person put their tools down and walked off the job (and that means tools like pens and computers and phones and blackberries and hammers and textbooks and anything else you can think of) and STAYED AWAY, the entire nation would figure out just how important the working people actually are.

    I think the Teamsters did something like this back in the 1970s – they put their keys down and refused to haul anything at all. The entire nation nearly came to a grinding, screaming halt as a result. That is so cool.

  3. If you want to order something for the WI protesting posse, here ya go:

    For water, Capitol Center Foods, 608-255-2616

    Burrito Drive, 608-260-8586

    Silver Mine Subs, 608-286-1000

    Ian’s Pizza, 608-257-9248

    Pizza DiRoma, 608-268-0900

    Asian Kitchen, 608-255-0571

    Nature’s Bakery Co-op, 608-257-3649

    Willy Street Co-op, 608-251-6776

    Earlier this week I sent a party platter of subs and 3 2-liter bottles of Coke to the protestors. Who’s next?? If folks from Egypt can call in for pizza for the protestors, surely fellow Americans can do it too!

  4. Unfortunately, the anti-union bill passed the Wisconsin Assembly, through a Republican dirty trick–the vote was taken before most of the Democrats realized what was going on, so they didn’t get their votes in. The Wisconsin Senate, however, still doesn’t have a quorum, since the Democrats are hiding out in another state, with no plans yet to come back. The bill won’t become law until it passes the Senate. I’m hoping for a general strike, too.

  5. Yes, the southern Wisconsin ALF-CIO board has called for a general strike is Scotty signs the union busting bill.

    That could get very interesting.

  6. Just so you know: the Bishop of Milwaukee wrote an open letter in support of the protests. And the Episcopal Churches in Madison have opened their doors for the protesters to have a place to get war or to rest– and have done some press conferences in support of the protest.

    This is really an incredible thing because this state of Wisconsin has been in the very forefront of progressive politics ever since the 1920’s — and this is a 180° turnabout! It is evidence of the “seepage” and “oozing” of the right back into positions of power.

  7. Joe’s great-great-grandmother Berta Wilke settled in Milwaukee, WI in the 1920s, and thus began a long family line of Wisconsin social Democrats. 🙂

  8. I’ve been on management negotiation teams with four different unions in my life and my wife has been on union negotiation teams. Both of us are amazed at how intractable people can be at times. It is like they enjoy playing the game instead of coming to a solution.

    That is where I see the Wisconsin Governor and the Republican majority. They want to play the game and they know that they have the upper hand politically right at this moment. But it seems like they fail to realize that in a couple of years they may not be in that position of majority and that their actions now may come back to haunt them.