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If the number of comments on any one TwitFace post gets to fifty, all those who have commented will receive 500 days off purgatory. Should the comments ever reach one hundred I will grant all the participants a general plenary. Now, you don't get offers like that on Facebook!

Your subject for discussion this week is:

My favourite view

Now, I realise that there will be a few smartarses who will think that they are "oh so clever" by giving me their favourite political view when it's obvious I am referring to the scenic. If you have to, please get it over with quickly so the rest of us can talk about mountains and crashing waves and that sort of stuff.

If you have a photo of your favourite view you can send it to me and I will post it. But I will not be posting views of either ladies' or gentlemen's bottoms or anything like that - so don't even think about it!

You know, I don't like having to be strict with you but you people can be so perverse and on purpose as well.

Themethatisme's favourite view -


This is redx's favourite view. I'm allowing it because it's easier than trying to explain the rules to you lot.


Here are three of KJ's favourite views:


Oregon Coast, Cannon Beach, Haystack Rock
(Ann Fontaine's favourite view)


This is my favorite view - it's what I see when I look at the windows on the front porch and deck when I'm in Maine. A cup of coffee, my favorite book and comfy chair, and I'm in HEAVEN.

Fluffykins (Eileen)


From Tracie The Red:

I’d like to submit a photo of a favorite view.

American workers standing up for their collective bargaining rights, against the greedy-ass corporate bastards and their government minions.


Two favourite views from Ellie:
The Tulsa skyline and Table Mountain.


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  1. MP, since you’ve taken all the fun out of it, I would say that my favorite wintertime view is from the rock outcropping on ‘rattlesnake’ hill. Where I can watch the local wildlife in the valley and the opposite hillside. I’ve been known to spend hours there.

  2. But I will not be posting views of either ladies’ or gentlemen’s bottoms

    Dang! I’d hoped to see Dahveed’s dairy-air again… ;-p

    Castle Peak, near Donner Summit, California. [And hopefully I’ll be seeing this scene weekend after next! (Ski trip, my bro & me)]

  3. …and I can KEEP posting mountains and/or babes, so I’m getting my 500 days off this time, purge it! *LOL*

  4. Not sure that I have A favourite view. Everywhere has something about it of interest. I have sent you a photo which isn’t spectacular in any sense but has personal associations attached to it whihc make it special.

  5. I think my favourite view is my allotment. though I wouldn’t send a pic of it as it is now. I couldn’t cope all last year due to chronic fatigue syndrome, and I’m really struggling now. I shut the gate, and I’m in my own private space.

  6. It is the view from Low Newton By The Sea in Northumberland, looking out across Embleton Bay towards the ruins of Dunstanburgh Castle. A favourite place of mine because there is a green at Low Newton surrounded by old fisherman’s cottages. And there is a pub called The Ship there. We sit in the green with our dogs drinking real ale and eating salmon sandwiches, looking out across the North Sea (where those fecking Vikings came from!).

  7. Almost any view in New England ranks as a favorite of mine. Particular favorites are the Berkshires in Massachusetts and anything in Vermont.

  8. My favorite view is right outside my front door. In fact, I am looking at it as I type.

    I will send you a picture. And speaking of views of bottoms. I seem to recall that is how you introduced my blog to your troop of truants here – by cropping the famous bottom of the lady in the Bougereau painting, which has been my blog header for three years (and you didn’t even wish PS a happy blog-o-versary). How ’bout some years added to purgatory for *you*? 😉

    whiteycat will like my view!

  9. Dearest Pagan Sphinx, I read all about your blogoversary the morning after you posted about it (check your stats for “visitor from Newcastle Upon Tyne). But, in England, it is regarded as ungentlemanly to bring attention to the passing of the years when it is in regard to a lady like yourself. So I desisted from doing so.

    As for Mimi, I think it has something to do with making my life a living hell because of some minor sleight against her character I made in the past, the details of which I have long forgotten.

  10. From the top of Dun I on Iona on a moonlit midsummer evening when there’s a full moon: you can see, Mull, the Paps of Jura and as near as dammit to Newfoundland!

  11. I am a native Californian, so my two favorites views are both here – (1) rising over the crest of the Covina hill, heading west into downtown LA – its home for me; (2) the golden hills of the Central Coast, dotted with live oaks.

    What can I say, I like the sense of place and home.


  12. It’s always worth a go, PS. Sometimes you get lucky. For example, the woman you have offended is thinking about something else when you spin your yarn and mutters “okay then” without consciously hearing what you’ve just said. I live for those rare moments.

  13. @Dahveed:

    The quality of this photo is really crappy (I’m not sure if it was the camera, or the memory card), but still will give you an idea of “the giant trees”

    Bruce & Bailey, Sequoia Natl Forest, 8-10 (a tree you can walk right through!)

    [It’s just south of Sequoia NP, because Bailey—seen in the pic w/ my brother—wouldn’t be allowed on the trails there! (National Parks tend to be sort of an@l when it comes to dogs. Whereas National Forests are No Problema!)]

  14. Oy, we’re only halfway there (to 500 days off) and this post is about to drop off the front page. Time to start alternating babes & mountains—

    When named Dr Who’s companion, the ultimate accolade was “She’s Dalek-table!” *LOL*

    Freema Agyeman.

  15. My favorite summertime view is on the north end of my farm. On the hill which overlooks what we call “the lower place” which is a cattle pasture.

  16. The views I submitted are a mountain lake in the North Cascades (These views must be earned with a little leg work, but totally worth it!)., Puget Sound, and a micro view or Mr. Tree Frog.

  17. Argh, still 17 posts to go (if I lift all of us out of Purgatory, I want to be CANONIZED, dammit!)

    Lake Louise, Canadian Rockies (saw it when I was 14, would love to go back . . . before the glaciers are gone! O_o)

  18. Closer to MP: Loch Lomond (w/ Ben Lomond looming over), Scotland. Visited there when I was 18. Got hit on by a couple of Scots [insert MP joke here]. (I was repressing hard, and Pretty Damn Femme Pretty then) [insert another MP joke, to the effect that, for Scotsmen, all I needed was a pulse, if that]

  19. Scene of my misspent youth: Morningside Heights, NYC (Riverside Church in the center, Grant’s Tomb at left, the “God Box” at right. Union Seminary is directly behind the church, where Yours Truly matriculated from 1990-1994.)

  20. I’m actually very fond of the Tulsa skyline – particularly when I’m driving back to Tulsa from the western part of the state. As I cross the bridge over the Arkansas River, the downtown part of the city is to my left and it’s just lovely.

  21. And here’s the cemetary, looking back the opposite direction.

    All cemetaries are poignant, of course, but this closed (though not abandoned) one is, in particular. The bulk of the graves are from the time when the mine was at its peak: at the turn of the 20th century (Nineteen-Oughts). Not only were miners killed (as they so often were, and are), but their families are well-represented. Diseases like Scarlet Fever would sweep through the company housing, and carry off several children.

    And the names! Lots of “Lloyds” and “Jones” and “Humphreys”. Welshmen came to California, and continued to do “what they knew”.

    Like I said: it’s very poignant. May they rest in peace…

    [But BDMPark is still a great place to hike!]

  22. OK, this is bizarre.

    I was all set to post comment #50 (and get us all our 500 days off purgatory)…

    …when suddenly post #48 went MISSING.

    “But JCF, there are now 49 posts! How can you say there weren’t previously 48?”

    I’m saying there were ALREADY 49 posts, and the post above this one WAS the 49th. But *48* disappeared.

    Here’s what it said, roughly:

    Last month I discovered Black Diamond Mines Park, east of Berkeley CA. It preserves the area above what was once the largest coalmine in California.

    And I posted this pic I took: a view up towards the cemetary (it’s a historic park, w/ several ghost towns contained w/in its boundaries).

    OK, now the post above this one hopefully makes more sense (effing Blogger effing w/ me!)

  23. Blogger keeps EATING my damn post: the one that was (originally) ABOVE the “cemetary” post above.

    It went something like this:

    Last month, I discovered/visited Black Diamond Mines Park, east of Berkeley.

    It’s a historic park, w/ the remains of what was once the largest coalmine in California, along w/ several ghost towns, and a cemetary.

    I posted this pic, looking up towards the cemetary, as you come into the park.

    (Now, hopefully the post above makes some sense)

  24. [OK, as a bonus—cuz I’d already written it when Blogger went wonky!]

    And last but not least: since I discovered I’ve already posted her to my (forgotten till today!) Photobucket account, here’s the other half (Jessica Leccia’s up top) of gone-but-never-forgoten Otalia: the AMAZING Crystal Chappell (whose autograph, coincidentally, I’ll be receiving via snailmail in just a few days! :-D)

    Well, that 50—um, *51*—posts, OCICBWers! Let us all enjoy our time off from purgatory, that our host is generously providing… ;-/