Biblically based. Uphold. - Protestant, reformed tradition. Often Calvinistic. Minister wears preaching scarf or mufti for services.

Open Evangelical. - as above but with a lot more talking before coming to the same conclusions. Cassock and stole worn for sacramental services, otherwise mufti. Fair trade stall after the main Sunday service.

Middle of the road. Broad Church. Traditional Anglican. - Usually, exactly what it says on the tin. Non directive preaching. Robes in the morning, often with chausible. Academic hood in the evening. No incense.

Liberal Catholic. - As "middle of the road" but with robes and even incense on high feasts during the week (and maybe even Easter Sunday). Comes from the Sarum tradition but they will long ago have forgotten that. Fair trade stall after the main Sunday service.

Inclusive, Liberal, Catholic. - As liberal catholic but with lots of incense, compulsory robing and more gay priests and laity than you could wave a stick at.

Resolution A and B or resolution A, B and C, passed. - Romanist (often pre-Vatican II). No women clergy under any circumstance. More gay priests and laity . . . etc. Marion vestments in wardrobe. Sign on wall stating, "A candle burns for (this church) at the Shrine of Our Lady of Walsingham."

This is not an exhaustive list of terms by any means.
Please feel free to add your own suggestions.



  1. You forgot Liberal/ Radical Protestant

    Non directive preaching and plenty of questions, much on ethics, other faiths and the secular. Maybe simple robes and an academic hood, but even casually smart. Will try any ceremonial style inconsistently including some DIY and multimedia art works.

  2. Could add a liking for the use of the Book of Common Prayer on the basis of its sacred incomprehensibility rather than the naked, unbelievable words of contemporary styles.

    Then you’d have to add similar or different preferences to the rest.

  3. “Marion” vestments? There was a Marion who was Mrs. Cunningham on the US TV show “Happy Days”; this isn’t the one I’m guessing. Or is this a typo?
    Could you please let us know?

  4. With this rubric, I would have to put my parish in the “Inclusive Liberal Catholic” category, but with much less incense. That just comes out for high feasts (“Mmmm…. Smells like Easter!”).

  5. but with much less incense. That just comes out for high feasts

    Well, that doesn’t sound very gay. In fact it seems to me that you have let your commitment to both the “agenda” and the “stance” slip, KJ. How long have you been there? You should be having the procession of the host with rose petals every Sunday by now.

    A little more effort young man, before the place turns into a methodist chapel or quakers meeting room.

  6. “Dynamic Leadership” – The ministers are bossy.
    “Dynamic Congregation” – The parish council is bossy.
    “Dynamic Vision” – Unrealistic goals.
    “Dynamic Preaching” – Long sermons featuring occasional periods of shouting.
    “Dynamic Youth Ministry” – Teenage pregnancies and rushed weddings are the norm.

  7. Marian/Marion

    One of those is my actual middle name, the other is supposed to be. [Though I don’t usually use it, as that would make me JCMF: how much of a curse abbreviation is THAT?! O_o]