At least fundamentalist Christians are only hateful. Antitheists are downright smug and that has to be a far worse sin in any true free-thinker's (unbelieving or believing) book.



  1. Sorry I’m not seeing what’s smug about this. I’ve re-read it a few times and don’t really get it.
    Also (as I’m sure you know) there’s plenty of smugitude going on in fundie Christian circles too.

  2. And in all religions; how is this smug?
    If they’d pointed out how few atheists there are in prison compared with their percentage of the general population or the percentage of people with postgraduate degrees in the sciences and mathematics compared with the general population or the well being indices of places/countries correlated with high levels of openly atheist/agnostic people, people might find that at least odd.

  3. I was just going to say the second part of Wot Andrew Said: there are Christianist Fundies who are smug, too.

    [But these anti-theists certainly ARE smug: “Lessons and Carols for Godless People”? Come (the f@ck) on! }-p]

  4. All I see is people making a desperate joke of themselves.

    If they were actually atheists, rather than self-loathing fundies, they wouldn’t need to take out ads, now would they, anymore than someone who actually believes in God needs to trumpet the fact on a billboard.

    It’s sad, silly and self-defeating. Next, they’ll be making Dawkins bobbleheads!

  5. Robert Ince is really fab….and was great at Greenbelt last year. An atheist who happily stands alongside liberal Christians and works with them aint a smug git, but a comrade in arms in my book.

  6. If he is such a friend then why does he associate with people who take the piss out of all Christians with no more subtlety or acceptance of difference than Jim Davison having a go at black people in the 1970s?

    Stephen Fry, Jarvis Cocker, Dicky Dorkins – smug gits. And, although I don’t rate Dorkins, I fancy Cocker and always watch anything with Fry in. I think that’s why their childish digs at my intelligence hurts so much.

  7. The standard antitheist joke is “look at that stupid Christian” which, as I said, for originality and depth is on a par with “Look at that stupid black man.” Fry, Izzard et al are so condescending when they make their cheap cracks about “all religious people,” which is a typical “bright” attitude (smugness).

    I may be a dick, FB, but I don’t hate my religion. And I have had to put up with just as much shit as you have from Christians. But I don’t believe that my enemy’s enemy is my friend. Chances are they are just another enemy.