It's always a sad moment for me when I have to add newly discovered bloggers to my blogroll. I fully realise that their lives will be ruined by their association with the ne'erdowells and miscreants who hang around OCICBW... But what can I do? It is my duty and everyone of the following unfortunates deserve their place in THE NEIGHBOURHOOD hall of shame.

FINDING LIFE HARD: The thoughts of Liz and her dog who used to be Harvey, but is now George, who is Harvey's great-great-great-great-nephew. Liz lives in Wales, but because we are Christians we must treat her as if she is just a normal, human being like each one of us. But do be prepared to repeat everything you say to her two or three times and very, very slowly, of course. Atheists and those of other faiths can be as merciless as they like.

PREACHER WOMAN: Preacherwoman is a woman who preaches. She also teaches and writes and lives in the U.K. She is very clever. I'm finding that a lot more common among women nowadays. It's probably something to do with global warming.

THE DEACON OF DIBLEY: Her aspirations  include "attempting to enter ordained life with hope, joy, grace . . . and a bit of humour." Unfortunately, being spotted at OCICBW... has most probably scuppered that plan. Never mind, I hear that Sainsburys are looking for shelf stackers at the moment.

By the way, MadPriest has no idea if the Deacon's fellow ordinands, Hope, Joy and Grace, have their own blogs.

BOSGUY is a "gay, urban foodie and travel nut from Boston who wants to see the world and make some friends along the way." So, other than the Boston bit, he certainly isn't going to stick out like a sore thumb around here. But, if he does stick out like a sore thumb, I will call the police. I won't have that sort of behaviour round here. It could really upset KJ.

BLOGGERTROPOLIS: Steve from Leamington Spa's blog. (Leamington Spa isn't all posh, there are some pretty rough areas within its boundaries). Steve is a writer and has a taste in music that gives his age away better than it being tattooed on his forehead. He also has a blog called LEGOTROPOLIS which proves beyond doubt that Steve is completely insane, but in a non-dangerous way.

Kevin F openly admits that he has no idea what he is going on about but, being an ace blogger, he doesn't let that stop him. To say that Kevin's blog is bit esoteric would be saying that Kevin's blog is a bit esoteric. He certainly has the generic OCICBW... taste in kitsch and, as they say, de gustibus non disputandum est.

APPLES OF GOLD: Red is a bit of a swinger (see photo), but then she is an artist and you all know what they are like. Red is married, but her husband has absolutely no idea how to keep her under control (really, men should have to take a test like you have to before you are allowed to drive). She also picks on me quite a lot and has even been known to tell me off. But then that's my general experience of women and Red is a sweetie compared to Grandmère Mimi.

I can vouch for the fact that Robert, THE RADICAL METHODIST, knows his stuff when it comes to strip joints, which is pretty radical for a Methodist. He also admits to being on the circuit, if anyone is interested.

Robert has a second blog which is called THIS AND THAT. It's all about flowers and gardening and bee keeping and that sort of sissy stuff - so I wouldn't bother checking it out if I were you. Honest, there's no jokes or photos of babelicious priests, hunks in shorts or anything. It's a complete waste of time really, I don't know why Robert bothers.


NEW FRIENDS — 8 Comments

  1. It’s those friends of yours at the Prudish LGBT thingamajig who scare me, KJ. I don’t want them hanging around outside my house waving placards again. It upsets the neighbours.

  2. You have a point, Mad One. the Prudish Christian GLBT League may have to investigate Bosguy’s sneaky picture taking.

  3. Babelicious priests are all very well, but you can’t eat them! Or at least you can, but if you do, you’ll probably go somewhere nasty when you die.