An “Ordinariate of Postulants” has been set up by the diocese of Peru in the Anglican Church of the Southern Cone to host a growing number of Roman Catholic priests who are keen to join the Anglican Church.

The Bishop of Peru, the Rt Revd William Godfrey, said that, so far, about ten RC priests had joined the new group to explore the possibility of switching denominations. Some may bring congregations with them. About half of them are from churches that have become independent from the RC Church, often because the priests have got married. Bishop Godfrey said that he had also received requests from RC clergy in Uruguay, Ecuador, and Argentina, to join the Anglican Church. He believes that some priests may have been encouraged by Pope Benedict XVI’s positive words about Anglicanism when setting up the Ordinariate, when he was “extra ordinarily positive” about the Anglican tradition.


ALL CHANGE! — 3 Comments

  1. I doubt any of these “Roman Catholic priests” are considered such by Rome.

    But at any rate: from Rome to the Southern Cone—out of the frying pan and into the fire? O_o

  2. There may be a bright side to it all. If these are ex-RC priests who weren’t that keen to follow the party line of the hierarchy (by getting married, and who knows on what else), they may bring some of that independence and willingness to buck the hierarchy into the Southern Cone, where a little more free thinking is sorely needed. It’s not like he’s bringing in a bunch of lefebvrites.

  3. I’ve actually met Bp. Godfrey. And while he’s pretty much on “the other side,” he’s a decent fellow with a good heart.