1. Now, now! That’s quite unfair.

    I’m not aware of any nine-bob note that scores crystal meth off the bum of its gay boy-toy while June, Wally and the Beaver are at home.

    Also? Gay wimmin zombie priests will come and eat your children if you don’t put another fiver in the plate.


  2. No, Ted. You’re as queer as a nine bob note.

    You’re in denial because of your belief system.

    And the people said A-FREAKIN’-MEN!!!

    wv: evilitin

    Make of *that* what you will.

  3. So what he’s saying is that because of his belief system he would not screw around with guys while occasionally performing his marital obligation to his wife. How nice of him, where was his “belief system” BEFORE he got busted?

    If it were not for his belief system (keeping his poor wife in tow)this jerk would sleep alone.

  4. Cupcake, if “belief systems” determined orientation . . . there wouldn’t be all those pathetic “Pray Away Teh Gay” programs, pushing against the tide!

    [FWIW, I don’t see Ted Haggard’s declaration of a bisexual orientation is necessarily BS . . . unless you think ALL declarations (protestations?) of male bisexuality are BS (and I’m not going THERE! Not today, anyway. ;-/)]

  5. I think he spelled that wrong. I think he meant to say he was BUYsexual. If he doesn’t BUY any, he doesn’t GET any….