"TwitFace Chit Chat," is an occasional posting in which I simply give you a word, or short phrase, and you then just waffle on about the subject in any way you see fit. Nobody (except Grandmère Mimi and Cathy, of course) will be told off for going off thread.

If the number of comments on any one TwitFace post gets to fifty, all those who have commented will receive 500 days off purgatory. Should the comments ever reach one hundred I will grant all the participants a general plenary. Now, you don't get offers like that on Facebook!

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TWITFACE CHIT CHAT (3) — 28 Comments

  1. Only one? I wouldn’t know how to choose. Perhaps list them all then shred them, page by page until only the last one was left. Then pick with a pin!
    Just one then, really good red wine, good coffee, cats, beautifull music preferably vocal sung by a beautiful voice.
    Beautiful eyes very dark, very blue, grey-green Hmmm.
    Anyone with a good sob-story.
    Anyone without a good sob-story as long as they’re funny.
    Deep male voices. Tiny ‘mickey-mouse’ halogen voices. See what I mean?

  2. I’ll start off with good wine … red and white, coffee and cats. Then onto chocolate, grilled steak or salmon, ice cream, fresh strawberries, blueberries, blackberries, cheese, stout or porter, Bailey’s Irish Cream and on and on.

  3. If limited to one word: Food.

    Also, the finer things of life like good company, coffee, Irish whiskey, rock-and-roll. Back rubs and hugs. A good laugh. A good story.

  4. I have many, but I’ll stick with gluttony since I just finished a pint of ice cream while watching “Biggest Loser”…

  5. […is thinking I have So Many, I never really work on the One. Well, that’s defects.]

    The weak-in-the-knees kind of weakness? A really killer smile! The kind that warms me All Over. (Nuff said!)

    Aw, wv is “sasha”. My last Lab. A sweeter being never stuck her muzzle in my crotch (but I keep looking! *LOL*)

  6. ONE? Just ONE? Won’t all of the rest feel slighted by being left out?
    ONE, gee, have to wrestle with the whole bunch! Kin I get back to ya?

  7. My one weakness is the hour wasted on a Sunday night watching sickly sweet Larkrise.
    Actually the most amazing funeral I took (burning viking long boat) was for the Dad of one of the extras that walks around in the background of that program.

  8. Oh, BosGuy, that was funny!

    And I’m with Gumbiecat and Nij. There are really too many to mention.

    But I guess I’ll start off by telling you about main one: any animal in need.

    Now, in the gluttony department, it would be ice cream. Yup, ice cream. Any time of year, too.

    In terms of sloth, it would be a purring cat. Right now Leroy is in my lap purring away. It’s amazing how often I DON’T get up and do something useful because I don’t want to disturb the cat!

  9. Ask a tough one, why don’t you? I’m a self-indulgent, hedonistic somebody,so it’s hard to choose. Lobster? Chocolate chip cookies? Pecan pie? Hot tubs? Afternoon naps? Cats? Little dogs with hard-luck stories? All of the above.

  10. men who can make me laugh.
    really, it’s the way to my heart and almost any other part of my anatomy; makes me go weak at the knees and the morals.

  11. I’d vote for lobster. Since I live 8,000 feet above sea level and over 2,000 miles from Maine, I seldom get to indulge.

    Very sad,

  12. Geez, we still have a ways to go on this one (less than half way to 50):

    OK, another weak-in-the-knees weakness: a shapely arse (which may or may not be crazy!)

  13. @themethatisme ~ ask Jonathan, I can make a cat laugh.
    In honesty, a man who can make me smile when I am in the pits of despair is not actually a man but an angel doing penance. he might be my reward but I am his punishment….24 years this August.
    Other weaknesses: the inability to resist trying to have the last word, slamdunking opponents with strict logic and gross exagerration…