This is Bishop Mark of the Diocese of Moray, Ross and Caithness. I've met him. He's a good sort, a bit enthusiastic and is totally committed to the tradition of eccentric bishops. His blog is called BISHOP MARK'S BLOG.

The photo above, as you will have guessed is the one I want your captions for. The photo below is of Bishop Mark standing next to a longstanding and good friend of OCICBW.... Beards are popular in Caithness and Ross - it gets bloody cold up there!



  1. The transmogrification potion was taking longer than usual to wear off.

    Yo, bishop, you look like the kinda guy who would take to our Mad Priest here. Hire him!

  2. We got on very well and even Mrs MP, who distrusts bishops slightly more than she would distrust a rabid dog with toothache, liked him. Unfortunately his diocese is poorer than a church mouse.

  3. +Mark is, in my opinion, the best and hardest working bishop we have in the SEC. The teenagers I know who have met him at Youth weeks think he is absolutely amazing!

    Caption?: “The search for the Loch Ness Monster should have begun a little closer to home!”

  4. Oh, Cathy. Your mind is in the gutter, as always.

    But it’s funny.

    By the way I will be sorting out your latest comments and emails, probably tonight when Mrs MP goes out.

  5. Yes, anybody who loves Maurice Sendak has to fall in love with this guy. Bishop Of All The Wild Things, indeed! What I especially love about the picture is the juxtaposition of the slippers with the perfectly pressed and creased wool trousers.