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MP3 File

Being Without You - Maurice Williams
Congratulations Baby - Barbara West
Got You On My Mind Again - Billy Joe Young
Young Girl - Frank Lynch
Street Serenade - Craig Thomas
Better To Have Loved And Lost - Honey Cone
Rain Manjunemix - The Cates Fomin Project
Girls In Their Summer Dresses - Brian Hobbs
Just Chillin - Elliot Levine
Pocket Full Of Money - Frank Frost
Soul Jerk It, Baby - Jeb Stuart
Mr. Clean - Winfield Parker
Keep The Faith - Surewill
Uptown - David P. Stevens
Connected - Mettaphor
Coming Back To You - Maxine Brown
People Will Make You Say Things - Marlena (Lady Black Lace)
I Hate To Leave You - Heavenly Scent
Turn It Around - Carl Walker
Dawn Till Bus - Hill Briggs
All I Want Is You - Zilla Mayes
Funky Soul - David Batiste And The Gladiators
You Don’t Know Like I Know - Sam And Dave
Memphis Soul Stew - King Curtis
Things Get Better - Eddie Floyd
Shoes Bobby Bland
Ain't No Soul (Left In These Ole Shoes) - Ronnie Milsap
Just Walk In My Shoes - Gladys Knight
I'll Be Around - Terri Wells
Pacific Dream - Tina Winson
Ain't No Stoppin' Us Now - McFadden & Whitehead



  1. [Nothing by The Marvelettes? Lead singer Gladys Horton just passed away. (RIP)]

    I do so appreciate these, MP.

  2. O hell! The full horror of the Scotland trip has just come flooding back. And after all the money I spent out on counselling!

    And I just STARTED to listen.

  3. Thanks, Lois.

    Mimi, you are a walking disaster area. But the fact that you appear completely oblivious to the devastation you leave in your wake is kinda cute and, if you are not one of the casualties, quite amusing.

  4. Mad One, I know you like your joke, but I have travelled with Mimi myself, as you know, and there were no disasters when she was hangin’ out with me, or indeed when all three of us were present. I leave your faithful readers to draw their own conclusions 🙂

  5. (I am teasin’, by the way, Mad One – well, not about Mimi – but I do see you as a sort of force of nature in your own right.)