1. is there some question that you would not be given a ‘safe to receive’ commendation from your bishop?
    It is not a reference as such, it is to do with protection of children and vulnerable adults.
    I think you can try the Lee list and see what happens.
    Your bishop can dislike you as much as he wants, but that does not mean he would withhold a safe to receive letter.

  2. There is no reason why I would not get a safe to receive letter. In fact, I have never been subject to a disciplinary action of any kind as I have never broken any actual rules.

    However, John Lee’s secretary made it very clear to me that the reference they require from my former bishop is a general reference of full support not just a safe to receive letter.

  3. The Father, the Son, and the (Un!)Holy Cartman.

    Well, the Going-Home aren’t as bad as the Stayed-Away&Sulked, so there’s that…

  4. Well,
    There’s no reason why you can’t apply to be on the Lee list, as it is a Safe to Receive Letter that is needed.
    You do know that you would be able to access the reference that he sends in for you don’t you?Not from his office, but from John Lee’s under the Data Protection Act;

    You have others who can write nice stuff about you as well; let other bishops make up their own minds.

    Or do whatever you think is best as you are right about them anyway.