Here are a couple more bloggers who are about to have their reputations ruined by association with MadPriest. The least you can do to make up for this a little bit is check them out and, if you dig their blogs, add them to your blogrolls.


Cobbled together by 
babelicious, Episcopal 
priest, Penelopepiscopal.

"This blog is my public attempt at daily prayer and reflection, as well as a venue for my photography. I like to write, and I like to take pictures, and I like the richness and variety in the prayers of our Episcopal / Anglican tradition, so they all come together here. The photographs are all mine, and I chose each to go with the reading - sometimes I decide on the photograph first and then write. They're meant to go together in some way, so let them play in your imagination."

UNDERCOVER NUN, who is one of the contributors at THE THEOLOGY DINER, has her own blog which can be found HERE.


NEW FRIENDS — 8 Comments

  1. Many thanks, Rev MP, for the plug, the link, and the epithet! I shall now march downstairs and tell my teenaged son what you said, which will cause not just eye-rolling but genuine wailing and gnashing of teeth. Thanks for making my day.

  2. If Penelopescopal has both Padre Mickey and Mimi in her blog list, is is safe to say she’s a ne’er-do-well?

  3. Penelopepiscopal is quite a notable individual, not least for surviving one of my liturgy classes with her sanity intact.

  4. Ah.. MadPriest, as you so rightly said I was once an innocent unread blogger with hopefully a career ahead of me.. before you recommended me…