President Obama warned President Hu Jintao that if China did not step up its pressure on North Korea, the United States would have to redeploy its forces in Asia to protect itself from a potential North Korean strike on American soil, a senior administration official said Thursday.



Tunisians have begun a three-day period of national mourning for those who died during the month-long uprising that overthrew longtime ruler Zine El Abidine Ben Ali. According to the United Nations, about 100 people died during the upheaval that swept across the North African country.


Posted by Ormonde Plater at THROUGH THE DUST:

This has been a terrible week in metro New Orleans with twelve murders in all--one of a small tot and another of a young mother murdered in her bed with her child beside her (who remained unharmed), both hiding under the covers. Six murders occurred on Monday while we were celebrating the birthday of Dr. Martin Luther King. Please pray for our city, the following victims, their families, and their murderers:

1/14 Titus Gooseberry 2 M Beaten Jefferson
1/15 Tyinell Carter 20 F Shot Orleans
1/15 Derrick Picard 15 M Shot Orleans
1/17 Felicia Hughes 32 F Shot Orleans
1/17 Kenan Breaud 36 M Shot Orleans
1/17 Erroll Meeks 19 M Shot Orleans
1/17 Devin Hutton 20 M Shot Orleans
1/17 Steven Powell 28 M Shot Orleans
1/17 Anthony Williams 18 M Shot Jefferson
1/18 Corey Blue 18 M Shot Orleans
1/18 Ricardo Gomez-Espinoza 35 M Shot Orleans (Died of wounds received 12/23)
1/20 Unidentified (this murder happened early this morning so no details except shot in Orleans Parish)



Please add my father to the prayer list.

He has been unwell, in addition to the dementia for a few months now, but a battery of tests have revealed nothing conclusive. Last Saturday he collapsed whilst out shopping and was taken to hospital. Again things have remained uncertain through the week until the appearance of substantial bruises les to a very specific blood test. He has this evening been diagnosed with Acquired Haemophilia and will be transferred to the haemotology unit at a local hospital in the morning where hopefully the internal bleeding will be brought under control.


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Unlike the urinary tract problem, which was immediately identifiable, this is still a bit of a mystery. Two different tests have definitively ruled out heart worms. There's no evidence of a hairball, and his g.i. tract is basically cleaned out. So, it's tests, right now.

If you can by donating something towards this little cat's tests please contact Mark direct via his blog.




One of the privileges and joys of my ministry has been serving on the Moravian-Episcopal Dialogue for our national Church, which drafted the full communion proposal for our two Churches. So I am delighted to invite you to join in the celebration service inaugurating our full communion relationship on Thursday, February 10, at 6:00 p.m. at Central Moravian Church in Bethlehem. Our Presiding Bishop, Katharine Jefferts Schori will be the celebrant, joined by the heads of the Provincial Elders’ Conference of the Northern and Southern Provinces of the Moravian Church in America.

What is full communion? It is a way for denominations to come together without merging; acknowledging the fullness of the church in each other, working together for mission and ministry, and exchanging clergy.

If you would like to light
a candle as part of your
prayer, please click HERE,
then click on BEGIN and
follow the instructions.

Our group name is
Laika (case sensitive);
please type this into
the appropriate box
when requested.


THE PRAYER LIST – 21ST. JANUARY 2011 — 8 Comments

  1. This morning when I went over to to light my candle, I stayed for a while afterwards because I noticed that our group candles were all together. It was moving to click on each candle and see what various people said in dedication.

    Thank you for setting it up that way, MP. It’s another way for our community to come together.

    May all here on the OCICBW prayer list be strengthened, sustained and made aware of the presence of Almighty God.

  2. One of the things I appreciate most about these prayer lists, is that we always add the murderers to our prayers, along with the victims. I think that is true Christianity shining, knowing that even those who do evil are created in the image of God, and deserve our love in prayer.

    It breaks my heart – in a good way – to see it.

  3. We have Ormonde to thank for that, Geeklet, and considering he lives in New Orleans it is extremely selfless of him. But then he is as near to a living saint that we’ve got around here, and I mean that sincerely with full respect due.

  4. Yay for full communion w/ the Moravians!

    When I was at Union Theological Seminary, there was a group of Moravians who did a pre-Christmas “Christmas at Bethlehem (PA)” service every year. Special Christmas honey buns [restrain yourself, MP], sweet coffee, and singing “Morning Star”: the Moravians are definitely one of the kewter ways of doing reformed catholicism!

    Prayers ascending…

  5. At UTS, MP, about half the class qualifies for “sitting in the middle of the central aisle”. ;-/

  6. Ormonde has received his share of criticism for including the murderers in his requests for prayers, but he continues with the practice, and he’s very right to do so.

  7. Actually, MP and Mimi, I get the weekly list of New Orleans murders from a list compiled by Deacon Elaine Clements and posted on our clergy e-list. Except she calls them “perpetrators,” while I prefer “murderers.” But no matter. Let the prayers flow upward.

    And we’re all living saints, if we’re baptized.