Posted by Allen at MORNINGSIDER:

I showed up for my colonoscopy at 7:30 am; by 8:30 the procedure was underway and by 8:45 it was over. I was awake during the latter part of the procedure and experienced much discomfort from the pseudo-gas pains caused by the air pumped into me during the procedure. Two polyps were removed and, assuming the biopsy show they are ok, I have to go back in three years for another one. He also told me I have diverticulosis, which sounds alarming but according to the Naitonal Institutes of Health, half of all Americans of 60 have it and of those 75 to 90% never get diverticulitis -- which is painful and could require a colon resection.



Posted by Steve Tilley at MUSTARD SEED SHAVINGS:

Routine surgery found the partial cartilage tear that everyone had suspected and fixed it. Was up and about within 40 minutes of coming round from a general anaesthetic and home within a couple of hours. Delighted to report that the nausea I have experienced on previous occasions with generals was simply not there. I guess technology has moved on.

So thank for your prayers. My knee is a bit sore (but nothing like as bad as I expected) so I'll be resting it up for a few days within an exercise regime.


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  1. Gee, I don’t know much about this saint in the icon, but his vestment make him a candidate for the blog called “bad vestments”. Wow, checkerboard plus!

  2. Prayers for those mentioned above.

    I offer thanksgiving, having seen my surgeon this morning and gotten the stents removed. I can breathe freely again! Things seem to have gone well. Here’s hoping this will clean it all up and nothing further will need to be done. Many thanks for all who have carried me in their prayers.