MADPRIEST DIGS . . . — 16 Comments

  1. Where’s the babelicious one who looks like she just wandered in from 1964 Swingin’ London?

    [No, David, you can’t fantasy undo her hair—I already have! ;-)]

  2. This is a very nice post, Madpriest. They bring to mind other bands I like, American and British. But why name those bands and start boxing Val Verde in? I’ll just say I love a big sound that really rocks. They also have an interesting name. Val Verde is a small twon in northern L.A. county. Anyone headed north on the 5 freeway out of Los Angeles could roll down a window on the driver’s side and shout out a hello. OK, that’s a bit of an exaggeration; calling Val Verde a small town might be another exaggeration. But the hills there are beautiful.

    I hope you’ll keep the music coming. I never appreciated Townes Van Zandt until I heard a mix of his songs at your blog some months ago. Now I’m hoping you’ll give us your take on the new British Sea Power cd.

    (By the way, the “word verification” I’ve been presented with that I must input in order to post this message, is “rattioni.” Now, THAT should be a real word!)

    Joe from L.A.

  3. In Ellie’s defense, I would like to point out that nuns don’t take a vow not to look and appreciate what they see of God’s creation.