From UPI:

John Sentamu, the Archbishop of York, said he plans to send bird houses to the 607 churches and 127 Church of England schools in his diocese as part of his effort to encourage wildlife conservation.

"The natural world is a gift from God to enjoy but we are also called to join with God in sustaining and caring for it," Sentamu said. "I want every Christian, every church in the Diocese of York, to pledge to make a difference to their environment in 2011."

Birds wishing to move in to the boxes will have to state that they are not in a same sex relationship before being handed the keys.



  1. Birds wishing to move in to the boxes will have to state that they are not in a same sex relationship before being handed the keys.

    Methinks an addition?

  2. I love the lorikeet. Its display is not dissimilar to the Archbishop of York’s in colourfulness but is much more tastefully and pleasingly arranged. I guess that’s because God did the arranging, whereas the Archbishop’s outfit is presumably pretty much his own idea.

  3. PS Having said that anyone who sends bird houses round to people for any reason at all, really, is all right by me.

  4. I’ve nothing against housing for birds, but it would be nice if the Archbishop got his priorities right. It’s okay for gay Christians to be persecuted, victimised and even killed so long as our little feathered friends have somewhere to build their nest. I would suggest the Archbishop gets his own house in order before building others.
    And of course it’s the people in the pew who sacrificially give their money to the church for its maintenance and work who will be financing this initiative.

    And the mother of Jesus said to him, “They have no more wine.” And he replied, “Woman, what is that to me? Can’t you see I’m building these bird houses?”

  5. He is to be fair trying to make a wider point about the environment rather than about whether birdies have got somewhere to lay their little heads, Saintly Ramblings, though whether he is making his point effectively is another matter, I suppose.

    I take your point and I do agree with you. I’m afraid I am the sort of person who feels that installing duck islands at the expense of taxpayers is a brilliant notion and there should be more of it, so my opinions are not exactly unbiased.

    My pet parrots just interrupted to say they think sending round bird houses is a mighty fine idea.

  6. My pet parrots say to tell you that’s because I’m far too nice and, in addition, remarkably perspicacious, and, on top of that, invariably right.


  7. Nah! You’re just argumentative like most of the rest of them round here. I think they should have featured you in that new tourist advert for Australia.

    “Cathy’s in London. Visit Australia!”

  8. My pet parrots say they like me being in London, so there, Mister Rude Man!

    Anyway, it’s good to be argumentative. I am glad we are an argumentative lot. Round here, life is never dull.