1. …and Saintly Ramblings had-it-in-one way back there. {tips hat}

    I love ALL dogs—in my subjective understanding of “love.”

    Which is not the same as YOUR subjective understanding of “love”, MP.

    We have different subjective understandings. I can live w/ that.

    But if anyone’s going to insist that I can ONLY “love” if it’s in THEIR subjective understanding, that would be just as silly as the Popoid site (written by the Bounteous Bosom’d one!) using scare quotes every other word about two (TEC) women “marrying” each other (you know, to “unite” as if it were a “blessing”) [Because of course, two women can’t actually/spousally love one another you see. It’s only like they’re sticking fireworks up each other’s arses]

    wv, untent: how the host is making me feel today. Guess I’ll go join the inhabitants of the doghouse! 😉

  2. Well your love for dogs is obviously not subject to their pain. If you think a dog feels pain and fear in any different way to to human beings you ain’t ever lived with a dog.