I had to give Sally at ETERNAL ECHOES a right dressing down this morning. She admitted on her blog that she has already taken down her Christmas tree.

I said to her:

Look here! It's this sort of liturgical incorrectness that has brought the Church to the sorry state it is in today. Christmas decorations should not be removed until Epiphany, or Candlemas if you wish to be truly orthodox.

Now, go and put the tree back up and don't touch it again until Thursday!

Really, Sally, I never thought I would have to lecture you on such important matters.

She came back with some nonsense about God not being "half as liturgically correct as we might think," which just compounded her heresy.

Of course, if churches are going to put up their Christmas trees even before Advent has got going rather than on Christmas Eve (when Mary and Joseph, who invented Christmas, put their tree up), then this sort of unforgivable slackness is going to become commonplace.

This is the sort of communion breaker about which which Rowan Williams should be using his Christmas Message to offer correction, rather than him talking a load of twaddle about looking out for poor people, many of whom cannot afford Christmas trees and so cannot really be considered Christian by any stretch of the imagination. And if they are not members of our Church why should we bother about them anyway? We have far more important matters to concern ourselves with - such as the correct time for taking down the Christmas tree!


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  1. Oh, Mad Priest, you are so wonderful!!!


    Ha! I actually did leave my decorations up until Candlemas one year and I really enjoyed them. But people thought I was seriously weird. (Okay, okay. I AM seriously weird – but not for the reason they were thinking that year…)

  2. That, Ann, is exactly the sort of wishy washy, lets all get along together, revisionist attitude that I would expect from Dr. Evans. I am so glad that I don’t have to put up with such nonsense from any of my readers.

  3. Any dispensation for those who live in non-Christmas tree environments?

    You will need to explain that to me more fully before I apply my infallibility to your question.

  4. Yes. Other trees, plastic trees or no tree at all, are all perfectly acceptable. But if something is put up to liturgically mark the Christmas Season it should remain in situ until the end of the season. I accept that for some this will be Epiphany and for others, Candlemas. Either is logical. What is not logical is having Christmas decs up when you should be thinking about hell and damnation and taking them down when you still be thinking about Father Christmas and baby Jesus.

  5. oh good, the tree in the church is still up, but my personal tree in the house is down, so I am ok. I put it up for Sanata Claus–the one at the church is for Jesus.
    Is it ok that the Ukrainian descendants at my church celebrate little Christmas on Saturday, rather than Thursday. They can’t get Thursday off after all the time off for Big Christmas and New Year’s Day. They make really good groceries and I wouldn’t want to miss it….just askin’.

  6. “Evergreen worship”

    “Hey!” says the boy from the “Evergreen” state.

    It has taken 10 years, but my partner is now fine with the Christmas tree being up through New Year’s Day. This is progress.

  7. We don’t engage in pagan practices either.

    We’ve got it right, so we don’t have to “practice”. We’re pros.

    :evil, evil grin: