Yes, it is deliberate.


Jonathan, I would like for the mighty prayer warriors of OCICBW... to pray for me. My job has gotten extremely hostile and difficult during the last 6 months, my finances are a total mess and I am being forced into bankruptcy and being sued from past medical and car problems and loss of income. I have failed to make any friends that I can go to for solace here, and the local churches are all rightwing bastions that make me upset and sick to my soul. I've maintained this untenable lifestyle for nearly a decade with depression coming and going but I have come to realize that I cannot sustain it any more Most of the time I feel afraid, nauseous, and completely alone and that is no way to live. Now I find out through a Christmas visit that my elderly parents who live far away from here are failing fast and I would like to move closer to them to be of some help but it is impossible right now from a financial standpoint and I don't know if I can find work if I do manage to move. For years I have used OCICBW... as my online spiritual home, commenting only rarely but faithfully reading and participating in the community and all the joys and sorrows. I know how effective the prayers of this community can be and I need all the help I can get right now. I trust God will help me -- He has sustained me through the worst already -- but a little boost would be a great blessing right now. Thank you so much! Brian


Jazz Pianist

24th. July 1921 to
28th. December 2010

"I Wish I Knew How 
It Would Feel to Be Free"



  1. Prayers, Brian, that light may shine in your heart and on your path. May the holy angels guide, guard, and defend you. For your parents. For decent employment. For abiding faith, hope, and love where they seem unlikely.

  2. I really like the way Leonardo worded his assurance of prayer. It does sound like a true yoke of oppression and I offer my sincere prayers as well. Workplace hostility is just beyond stressful and can end up being quite debilitating. All the other issues are no joke either. Please do not lose heart, Brian. All of us here at OCICBW really care – and I think you realize that.

    And yes, may Billy Taylor rest in peace and rise in glory. He was amazing.

  3. Hugs and a prayer for you Brian. If you do go through bankruptcy, don’t despair: most people find it less scary to go through than it looks; a huge relief afterwards and many go on to bounce back stronger than ever before, once freed of the oppressive burdens and horrors debts can bring. Do a little research about bank accounts which you can have afterwards, because by taking a little control, even if it doesn’t seem much, things may become even less worrying.

  4. Prayers of comfort for Brian.

    Prayers for repose of the soul of Billy Taylor . . . and Teena Marie (whom I miss so much, and seems so underrated/overlooked now. Sigh.)