As nobody except Grandmère Mimi ever says anything about my music selections I am just going to play stuff I know, at least, she is going to like.

On A Christmas Day - C.W. Stoneking
I Pray On Christmas - Dave Barnes
Christmas Time Blues - HoneyChile
Don't Wanna Be Alone For Christmas - Stacy Brooks
I Want My Baby for Christmas 
 - Jimmy Liggins And His Drops Of Joy
Low Down Holiday - Red Hot Blues Sisters
Shake Hands With Santa Claus - Louis Prima



  1. Ain’t that sweet. Since when did you get sweet, MadPriest? That’s gettin’ down music (meaning dancin’, of course!).

    Do you have the Dukes of Dixieland’s music. Also, do you like Diana Krall? I don’t believe you’ve posted tracks by either the Dukes or Krall.

  2. yummm.
    I love loud music.
    I also love this stuff.
    My taste in music is pretty catholic – I only can’t stand Frank Sinatra.
    Sorry I haven’t commented – we’ve had a death in the parish. I’m a little distracted. This is just what I need. Thanks, MP.

  3. I have commented on music here from time to time. I am what Americans call an “old folkie” which means pre-babyboomer rock ‘ roll stuff generally is what appeals to me. I do love jazz and zydeco though and this was a great selection today.


  4. Um, well, I don’t always like the music so…. I’m just an old lady (unlike the timeless Mimi), who doesn’t like a lot of music past 1970 (or was it 1870). But I DO like this selection, especially the Stacy Brooks, which I never would have heard were it not for your posting them here. (Will that do for heart-felt appreciation of your efforts?!?)

  5. It has been a long time since I have heard this. Thank you MP. Louis Prima always had to stand in the shadow of Sachemo.

    The others I don’t know. But I am not the R & B follower that you are.

    MP and Mrs. MP, have a Holy Christmas