This is a huge disappointment. I really wanted a shot at this one. It's a gorgeous church and their profile was very exciting. What is more, I fitted the person spec. exactly.

I have sent many application forms into Southwark Diocese and I have received this bog standard reply to all of them. I would have thought that I would have stood a good chance of getting an interview down there as the diocese is renowned for being a home for liberals and other assorted oddballs (the late Dean of Southwark, being a perfect example of this). I don't know if I'm just blacklisted or if they only ever interview "important" people for their jobs and I'm not "sexy" enough for them. However, unless someone has the guts to tell me straight out that there's no way they would ever even consider employing me, I will persevere. I shall be like the annoying widow that pesters the judge until he gives in and gives her what she wants.



  1. Wakefield Diocese – Castleford Team Parish have a vacancy they can’t fill – maybe give it a whirl?

  2. That post has been vacant for ages. This may be due to the team rector wanting a curate not a team priest. His idea is for the team priests not to be responsible for a church but to go where he sends them each Sunday. There’s nothing intrinsically wrong with that but there might be something inherently wrong with a team rector who wants it.

  3. I’d be tempted to write to Southwark Diocese and ask them if there is any possibility of you being appointed anywhere in the future with them, or are you indeed blacklisted. Might save some postage at least!

  4. Last week, on the day I was supposed to return from a week’s vacation, I found out that I was laid off until April 1st. That was really a ‘Merry Christmas’ to me from the management.

    It always amazes me how many administrators don’t understand basic human perceptions and emotions. Especially around Christmas.

  5. I’m glad to hear you shall persevere.

    If what you say about Southwark Diocese is true, I suspect they have no shortage of applicants.

  6. If it’s any consolation (which I doubt) I applied for the job too and got exactly the same letter.

  7. Keep going old boy! All shall be well etc – even when that seems unlikely! Gawd is like that!

    word verification is “tripe” – which is what I often write!

  8. Some team parishes are designed to allow team vicars to have sole responsbility for a particular church; other team parishes can’t work that way. That Team is to get an extra Church and the people in the parish where you would live would love you to bits. It is a very busy Team Parish, and I mean very busy, but it is more a case of working collaboratively than getting ordered around. You would have to talk to him, but I can’t see what there is about the vacancy that means you wouldn’t come down and meet the team rector.
    After all you could do a year then move on with a reference if worst comes to worst.

  9. I have spoken to him on the phone. Quite a while back. He seemed like a nice bloke.

    The thing is, I can’t see how you can be a pastor to people if you are never in the same place two weeks running. Also, I need to belong to a building and congregation. Even an assistant curate gets to do that.

    And there would be absolutely no security. If the team rector turned out to be a control freak there would be nothing I could do about it.

    My problems all began in my first curacy when I found myself with an alcoholic bully who used to physically push me around during services. He also turned out to have a hobby that involved taking teenage boys from the congregation to saunas and photographing them in the nude. When I reported this to the archdeacon he covered it all up without even telling the bishop.

    I have trust issues when it comes to the clergy.

  10. Please blank out or remove your personal information, such as your address; there is already too much out on all of us.
    If you’re unemployed, you don’t need the truly mad stalking you.

  11. Oy vey, MP. I feel ya.

    [Wondering how long I should hang onto my “positive feelers” as positive. Or just a couple more apps that have come to naught. :-(]

  12. I can’t figure what your game plan is. One day you are soliciting money so you can run a blog ministry. The next day you are throwing mud at other dioceses and clergy. And your supporters dont help.The constant theme is how terrible ‘others’ are. And the Christmas card. The way you are acting you probably would’t hire yourself.


  13. JCF, I work on the basis that they would really like us to go away and not bother them anymore. Therefore, every application we put in is worthwhile as they must really annoy them.

  14. There appear to be three anons commenting on this thread. To the one that isn’t a nasty little troll and who sent me a comment not for publication I would say, “Yes.” I always take coincidences very seriously indeed and this is one huge coincidence. If you would like to send the name and telephone number in a comment I will not publish it. Thanks.

  15. I have some agreement with Bill but you know who I am. Once I was in a similar position to you except I was still employed but not happy at the school where I was teaching. I commented about one school which had rejected me on a list(precursor of blogs) which was only read by other teacher-librarians in the Catholic diocesan system. I knew them all personally and considered them friends. However one showed it to the Principal concerned. The result was a visit from a person in authority who told me I would be wasting my time applying for any other schools in the system. Fortunately I was old enough to retire from full time work shortly after and did find lots of temporary appointments in the system. I think it unfair to name this archdeacon. You can hardly blame other archdeacons and bishops being a bit loathe to interview you if they read this. I do hope and pray you get a position soon but feel discretion would be more advisable. I know that seems unfair but that is how the system works

  16. I think that’s it’s far too late for discretion as far as I’m concerned, Brian.

    The thing is, the Bishop of Newcastle had been trying to get rid of me, for reasons only known to himself, for over six years before I started blogging. What I am now is a reaction – a product of that bishop’s bigotry.

    You get to a stage where there is no point in playing their game because they have already sent you off the pitch. The only options you have left are to disappear like they want you to or to go for broke in the hope that there is a bishop out there who is as bloody minded and fed up with the hypocrisy as yourself. It’s a long shot but it’s more likely to bear results than letting them just shit all over you whilst you just smile sweetly at them.

    At the end of the day, losing with integrity (whatever your personal idea of integrity is) is infinitely better than losing like a wimp.

  17. I have trust issues when it comes to the clergy.

    I do, too. Just sayin’. 🙂

    I think that’s it’s far too late for discretion as far as I’m concerned….

    The understatement of the year, surely. 🙂

    What is the plan? 🙂

  18. What Mimi said.

    A wise priest during my seminary years once said to me, “The Church eats its young”.

    And all of us who are clergy put ourselves at risk when we comment at all. I’m 65. I was old – 54 – when I was ordained. I’m old enough to refuse to be a game player. Someone has got to put a stop to the games.

    ‘Course, it’ll take generations…!

    So, what is the plan? 🙂

    ps: Love the Christmas card.

    wv: aingr
    uh oh

  19. MP, the integrity inherent in speaking your mind and calling “Bullshit!” when appropriate will stand you well at the Pearly Gates, even if it doesn’t do much for you down here in The Swamp. Gawd sees your take on civilization, such as it is, and doubtless agrees with you, as do I.

    Thanks for doing your part to restore MY faith in the clergy!

    PS, word verification is “spend;” must be a Republican ghost in my machine. 😉