Since the beginning of the current unpleasantness, OCICBW... has insisted that if the Church of England would promise to only promote pretty women to the episcopacy then all the crusty, old heterosexual males, currently opposed to female bishops, would immediately drop all their theological objections and start turning up at every confirmation service where an episcopal beauty happened to be presiding. With all our gay misogynists determined to jump ship for that bastion of inclusivity, the Italian church, the passage of the measure through general synod should be virtually unopposed.

But candidates for fast-tracking to bishop level have been few and far between and we have had to spread our nets far and wide. We have even had to consider poaching suitable, young ladies from churches less imbued with perfection than our own. This is the case with our candidate today who I came across at the CAN IT HAPPEN HERE? blog.

The Rev. Deborah Lee is a dog-collared member of the United Church of Christ in California. But I think the Church of England should be prepared to overlook that somewhat negative entry on her CV as, not only is she drop dead gorgeous, she is also well feisty. Below is a photo of her at the front of a demonstration in May, 2009, where, along with three other clergy, she was arrested for un-American activities or under some other fascist law. I think you will all agree with me when I say that Deborah is, most definitely, our sort of gal!

Nobody at OCICBW... is sexist.
We are just extremely shallow.



  1. Well… the UCC is in full communion with the ELCA … which is full communion with the Episcopal Church, which is full communion (however long-sufferingly) with the CoE.

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  2. I will note the exodus is going the other way. San Francisco recently imported Jane Shaw to be the dean of Grace Cathedral.