1. Oooo, I see you have had an even more recent argument than the one wot you had with me. Is that what you were referring to? … I’m a bit drunk, if you want to know.

  2. No I’m not. Do you mind if I interrupt and say I just cooked a majestically good grouse and partridge curry (recipe H. Fearnley-Whittingstall)? OMG it was good. Now please excuse me while I go off and download the whole of Tannhauser onto my iPod. I bought some good whisky today, Talisker.

    wv – undeddis – Mad Priest is a flesh eating zombie, one of the undeddis!

  3. BTW, I may be a little merry, but can I nevertheless point out that my job relies on my ability to grasp the import of sentences. Getting a sense of the whole is vital with copy editing.

    You’re my besh buddy despite that, Mad Priest 🙂

  4. The other offender can’t be me, because I don’t argue with you any more, MadPriest. I hope you’ve noted that I’ve sworn off. I come in as comic relief, although I get the feeling that you don’t always appreciate my humor. 🙂

  5. Only if you look at the surface.

    MadPriest, if you have the power to look beneath the surface (like the latest security scanners at the airports?), I hope you restrict yourself to faces and don’t do full body looks beneath the surface.

  6. Some people have shells around them and I can’t see through them. But you, my dear, don’t. Like me, you have the hidden depths of a shallow puddle.

  7. Like me, you have the hidden depths of a shallow puddle.

    You’re right about me. I’m pretty much all out there, but I’m not so sure about you. I think you have depths. Or perhaps I don’t have the gift.

  8. I have a few secrets. But no depth. In fact, I’m always getting into trouble with Mrs MP for being too open and not hiding my emotions. She has a point. It can bugger up your chances of getting a job.

  9. Ha! You are not just a minority, MrMark Brunson. You are unique. I praise God for your uniqueness – and I do mean that ambiguously 🙂

  10. Darn…Cathy’s tipsy and I’m all the way across the Atlantic (and then some). ;->

    wv = quishte. Def. getting snockered whilst making quiche ?