What worries me is that Christmas is in serious danger of being hijacked by pompous people complaining that Christmas has been hijacked by big business. A plague on their house and a plague on the house of big business as well. Why can't they just leave us alone so that we can get on with what  Christmas is all about? Namely SEX AND GOD AND ROCK AND ROLL. They go together like a horse and carriage (with God being the reins that hold the horse and carriage together).

There's nothing unpleasant about any of these tunes. Turn up the volume!


Money donated so far = $726.47

Thank you so very much.

You will have noticed that I have added a subscription button. This is for those who wish to donate a fixed amount each month. I have put up a few options but if you wish to donate a different amount to those suggested, please drop me an email stating the figure and I will add your amount to the list of options. At the moment you have to have a PayPal account of your own to use this feature. If you would like to donate through PayPal by debit or credit card, without having to set up a PayPal account, please let me know. If it is worthwhile I will pay the small monthly premium that PayPal charge for this facility.

If the monthly subscriptions ever reached a total of $1000 I would look for a part time, house for duty, parish post (3 days a week) and devote the rest of my time to my blog ministry. I promise I am not stating this to pressurise you into donating (I am happy to go back into full time parish ministry). It's just something that would effect my decision should it happen.

And this is for Cathy:



  1. I do love the picture at the bottom. What delightful old biddies!

    You know, $1000 doesn’t seem like that much for this community to come up with per month. Come on, people! Step up to the plate! As executive director of a small non-profit organization, I know what the fund-raising situation is like. Folks don’t tend to realize how quickly very small amounts add up. If you can only afford $5, by all means, pledge $5 a month. We’ll hit the goal in almost no time if enough people do this and I know enough people read and benefit from this blog to make it work!

    God bless us everyone! (Oh, yes.)

  2. If less than one person in six of my average daily readership pledged $5 a month I would achieve it. So Ellie is right to emphasise its feasibility.

  3. Thank you, Mad Priest 🙂

    Hurrah for Coronation Street and the doughty north of England, and may they both long thrive.

  4. God bless you for that first album cover, MP. You are my favorite Mad priest…

    Now, off to tell Santa how naughty I’ve been ;->

  5. I am always happy to give the punters what they want. Especially as I know so many of you have a special fondness for silhouettes of Santa and his reindeer.