Jendi at REITER'S BLOCK has posted an excellent piece entitled "Why Christians Can't Recognize Christian Art," which is well worth taking the trouble to read. She refers to the JESUS IN LOVE blog and rightly so as many gay Christian artists are doing art outside of the naff norms of the Christian art ghetto.

What I would like to see is gay Christian artists daring to move away from primarily painting politicised, homoerotic subjects for some of the time, at least. As they have already freed themselves from the stereotypical Christian art mindset they are in a perfect position to promote a universal Christian art movement that is realist, unsettling and confronting rather than the comfortable art produced by so many mainstream Christian artists which is usually based on idealistic, "nice" Christianity and is wishful thinking rather than being a true statement on the reality of the Christian life.



  1. Yes. There were some I really loved in your passion sequence that, if I had been richer at the time, I would certainly have purchased and stuck up over the fireplace. Some of your art is only homoerotic if you are looking deliberately for homoerotic – not that I have any problem with homoerotic if the boys are pretty 🙂