8TH. DECEMBER — 15 Comments

  1. “hinged”. That which the OCICBW crowd is “un-“

    Not only that but some are “and Bracket,” as well. But as you’re a colonial, JCF, you might not get my reference on this one.

  2. LOL 🙂

    … If it was a choice of who to loll about with in a hot steaming bath tho:

    a) Hinge and Bracket
    b) Butch and Sundance or
    c) Xena and Gabriel

    I think JCF would go for c)

  3. I can picture Gabriel on the front of the bicycle, but if JCF chooses Xena, I have a feeling she would insist he sits on the handlebars.

  4. I have the feeling Xena might be unwilling to share her bike with anyone but Gabriel (Gabrielle?). But I am sure JCF can be very persuasive 🙂